Pirate theme fabric wall decals from My Wonderful Walls


Do you rent or live somewhere that you aren’t allowed to paint the walls? Are your children just bored to death with their plain white walls, are you bored too? I’m so excited to tell you all about My Wonderful Walls. Recently we were sent the Pirate Theme Fabric Wall Decals from My Wonderful Walls. When ordering I decided to buy something that my 15-month old son would enjoy. I didn’t want something for my son that he would grow out of. I know Baby Cruzer will like his Pirate themed walls for years to come.

Here is what’s included in the Pirate Theme Sticker Wall Kit $159.99.

I had such a great time laying out a few stickers in my son’s otherwise ordinary room and getting a feel for how these wall decals work. Baby Cruzer’s room is on its way to being a colorful storybook pirate land. Since these stickers are all repositionable, reusable, and layerable, I was able to move things around a bit until I got all the stickers just how I wanted them. I still have some painting left to do and will probably move what I have on his walls around a little more until everything is just right, so stay tuned for another post.



MyWonderfulWallsmallVisit www.mywonderfulwall.com to browse their impressive selection of wall stencils, wall stickers, canvas art, and wall murals. Plus, they ship all over the world. Happy decorating!

I was sent a free sample for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given. 



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