I made “peanutty” chocolate fudge with a lot of help from Nestle Toll House

This is my very first attempt at making fudge. I made Peanutty Chocolate Fudge with a lot of help from Nestle Toll House. While strolling down the baking aisle the other day I picked up a bag of Toll House Morsels and turned the bag over. I was almost shocked when I read the recipe for Peanutty Chocolate Fudge. I was mostly in shock because I had almost everything I needed at home already. I just had to pick up the morsels, evaporated milk, and mini marshmallows, score.

My assistant Jasmine did a fabulous job helping me!

The Process


The Outcome! YUM!


Yum! My husband is in for a huge surprise when he comes home from work tonight.

Sending out a big thanks to my kitchen/baking assistant, Jasmine. You rock!

Want to come over for some Peanutty Chocolate Fudge? I’ll save you a piece, maybe?

Disclosure: I posted this on my accord. This post is in not way associated or sponsored by Nestle Toll House. I just wanted to share my first Fudge making experience  with all of you.


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