Wordless Wednesday with linky – to cut, or not to cut his hair?


Wordless Wednesday with Linky – To Cut, or Not To Cut His Hair?

Baby Sean’s hair is getting so long. He has been mistaken for a girl many times, but that doesn’t bother me. I love his curls and I can’t bring myself to get him a hair cut. My husband on the other hand is ready to take him now to his barber to get his hair buzzed. I’d cry if Sean came home with baby Sean’s head void of curls.

I feel like once you cut a childs’ hair for the first time it’s like they aren’t a baby anymore. Maybe I’m just having a hard time accepting that baby Sean is nearly 19-months now and soon he’ll be 2.

There is something inside of me that just wants to let his hair get really long. I have a weird emotional attachment to my son’s hair.

What would you do? Would you be able to cut those cute locks? Am I just over thinking this? It did take me 4 years to work up enough courage to get my daughter’s hair cut for the first time.

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    Girl, I’ve been going through the exact thing with my Luke. He just turned 2 and has very similar long curls like Baby Sean. It’s soo adorable! I haven’t wanted to cut it because it’s adorable and Luke’s my baby. And I’m with you in that once they have that first big haircut, they look so grown up. My husband, on the other hand, is just like yours – he was talking about buzzing and all that.
    I finally sat down with my best friend last night and we cut his hair with the trimmers. He does look more grown up but it was time to do it. Still so hard though!

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    I am the odd one out. Getting my boys first trims was easy for me but that could be because they were both over 2 before they even needed a trim. Slow to grow hair for them both. I agree thought that it did make them look more grown-up. It really takes away the baby in them.

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