BROOKIE COOKIE limited edition cookies


BROOKIE COOKIE limited edition cookies are delicious, and I can’t stop eating them, I’m eating one now. It’s unreal how good the Texas Trio and Zen cookies are. The Texas Trio is a mixed with peanut butter, nuts, and chocolate. The Zen cookie is a delightful mix of coffee and chocolate.

BROOKIE COOKIE is a combination of a “brownie” and a “cookie” made with all natural ingredients and without preservatives or harsh additives.

The Texas Trio and Zen cookies are only available at for a little while. Don’t miss your chance to indulge in these mouth-watering delights. Keep reading, you’ll have the chance to enter to win a limited edition sampler gift box.


There’s no shame in my game, I stuff my face like the rest of them. These limited edition cookies from BROOKIE COOKIE taste great paired with a cup of coffee.

BROOKIE COOKIE’s mission is to give a little bit of heaven in every bite, and that, they do! If you’ve never heard of BROOKIE COOKIE or you already know just how delicious these brownie, cookies are, make sure you enter below.

BROOKIE COOKIE NEWS: The limited edition cookies will most likely be available until December 2013, along with the mint limited edition for the Holiday, depending on your feedback, 1 may become a regular cookie. This weekend starting tonight at midnight (EST) until Sunday midnight (EST), they are BOGO. They are buy 1 dozen get 1/2 dozen free! Place your orders by visiting

Make sure you stay connected with the BROOKIE COOKIE blog, they share a lot of fun food  & dessert related content there. Stay in contact with BROOKIE COOKIE on Facebook and follow on Twitter @thebrookiecookie.


  1. Erica says

    Okay, those cookies look amazing! I’ve never heard of this company before, but now I really want to check them out!

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