Easily entertain with Rich’s SeaPak Spring Rolls and homemade sweet and sour sauce

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The holidays tend to be pretty crazy around here. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for you. Nothing ever seems to go as planned, and there are always unexpected friends and family dropping in. I normally don’t worry when people drop in because I usually have something fairly easy I can whip up and serve. I can easily entertain with Rich’s SeaPak Spring Rolls and homemade sweet and sour sauce. #PakTheParty.


The other day while I was shopping in the frozen food aisle at Walmart I made sure to pick up a few things I could easily prepare and throw a homemade twist on to wow unexpected guests. I saw Rich’s SeaPak Spring Rolls and grabbed a few boxes. I knew I had a great recipe for homemade sweet and sour sauce that I could make in about 15 minutes if need be. I’m more of a semi-homemade kind of woman. Aren’t most of us? Although the Rich’s SeaPak Spring Rolls come with sweet and sour sauce already, there is something special about adding a homemade touch.

#shop SeaPak spring rolls

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SeaPakspringrolls #shop

These shrimp spring rolls are delicious. I totally wanted to pass them off as homemade, but the box gave me away. My family and guests really enjoyed this rolls, and the homemade sweet and sour sauce was a great touch.

Maybe you’re looking for even more dinner or entertaining solutions? Make sure you check out Rich’s SeaPack on Pinterest. SeaPak Spring Rolls was by Ladies Home Journal as one of the 15 best frozen appetizers to serve at a party.

Make sure you visit your local Walmart on December 8th (between 1pm to 5pm) for a SeaPak demo. It’s a great way for your to try SeaPak before you buy.

SeaPak Spring Rolls

How do you prepare for unexpected company?


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    I will have to try your sauce recipe. Hubby loves Sweet and Sour and this would allow me to make it slightly less sweet than what you purchase in the store.

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