With summer fast approaching, now is the time to tackle your garden so that it is ready for you to spend time soaking up the sun either with friends or with a good book. With these 10 items, you can quickly transform your garden into an attractive and welcoming space.

Tackling Your Garden

10. Gardening basket

With so much collecting of weeds and plant clippings, you will need to be able to clean all of this up for its garden to look its best. A lightweight basket can make transporting weeds, clippings, stones and other items simple.

9. Mattock

A mattock is a must own if you plan on doing any kind of ground work. Built like a pickaxe, it makes it easy to dig trenches, unearth roots and clear the ground.

8. Hoe

Particularly useful for those with larger gardens with hard to reach areas, a garden hoe can help you to cultivate large areas and can make weeding simple.

7. Garden Fork

The ultimate garden tool, all homeowners should have a high quality garden fork. Whether you are tending to a vegetable patch, aerating the soil or preparing an area for planting, this will be your go to tool.

6. Shears

With garden shears, you are able to prune and trim any plant or flower which will make it look much tidier. Whilst the hedge trimmer will cut the hedge, these can be used to tidy it up after.

5. Blower

Cleaning up debris in the garden can be tiresome, but it is also very important and much like hovering inside. With a blower, you can enable you to quickly group debris for collection.

4. Sandblaster

No garden is complete with furniture, but you are likely to find yours covered in dirt and rust since last summer. With a sandblaster, you can very quickly clean both wooden and metal surfaces.

3. Scarifier

In order to remove moss and dead grass from your lawn, a scarifier is the best tool for the job. Additionally, it will also aerate the grass which will keep it healthy and fresh.

2. Hedge Trimmer

It does not matter how attractive the garden is, if your hedges are unkempt and not level it will bring down the tone of the entire garden. With a high quality hedge trimmer, you can tidy these up with ease.

1. Lawnmower

No garden will be attractive if the grass is too long. A high quality lawnmower, available from suppliers like SGS Engineeringst, will be a brilliant investment and will transform your backyard.


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