super prom secrets Whether or not this year’s prom will be her last, she will keep the pictures of her date, and her friends for the rest of her life. That means she will need to look her best not just on the dance floor, but in front of the camera, as well. Help your daughter have a picture perfect prom.

While it may seem that some people are simply born with a photogenic gene, she can learn the tricky art of posing beautifully in photos if she puts time into practicing in front of a mirror… Or simply fools the lens into loving her with the following fast and fabulous tricks and tips.

1. Apply Make-Up Like a Pro

For most people, prom happens very few times in a lifetime, which means the average make-up ritual simply won’t do. Professional make-up requires many layers — which means ample time and patience in application. On hand, should be primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer and highlighter, and finishing powder, at least. All of these should be sunblock-free and shimmer-free for beautiful photos.

2. Make Sure Her Make-Up Matches

The camera can tell when foundation is a bit lighter or darker than the natural skin tone, and in pictures, ill-matched make-up will make her look sickly or phony. To get the perfect match, consult with a make-up professional at a dedicated beauty store. More than likely, they will match make-up colors to her chest instead of her face, and they will give instructions to blend the make-up into her neck during application.

3. Add Lines to Your Face

Jeremy Renner, actor extraordinaire from movies “The Hurt Locker” and “The Avengers,” got his start as a make-up artist, and his best make-up tip is “Frame the face.” This means she must make solid, bold lines in crucial regions of the face: the brows, the lids, and the lips. A properly lined face appears prettier, more mature, and more confident than one lacking lines.

4. Coordinate Her Dress and Hair

Certain hairstyles look better with certain dress necklines, so if she already knows what style of dress she wants, you can help her think about different hairstyles that will make her look even more stunning:

  • Strapless dresses with all-down, loose styles
  • V-neck dresses with half-up styles
  • One-shoulder dresses with asymmetrical or side-pony styles
  • High-collar dresses with full up-dos

If she hasn’t yet found the perfect dress, both of you should absolutely start searching for dresses online today. Most prom calendars say she should have her dress in-hand about three months before the big night.

5. Be More Dramatic

The lens doesn’t capture subtly as well as we would like, which means that if she wants her make-up to show up in print, she shouldn’t shy away from a bold finish. Camera flashbulbs are especially adept at washing out color, so she can get especially dramatic with her eye shadow and lipstick.

6. Love Your Lashes

Long, dark lashes make a person’s eyes bigger and more dazzling, especially in portraits where the eyes are usually the picture’s focal point, but she might not naturally have long, strong lashes to achieve her desired look. If mascara and eyeliner alone aren’t enough, she may have to resort to falsies. However, false eyelashes take some practice to master, so she should practice wearing them a few times before the big night, ask an experienced cosmetologist to apply them, or simply go without.

7. Prevent the Blink

Some people seem to have the worst luck when it comes to blinking in photographs, and it seems like four pictures out of five feature them with half-closed lids. If she can identify, she can avoid looking intoxicated or drowsy by closing her eyes while the photographer sets up. In the moment just before the shutter snaps, she can slowly open her eyes without fear of blinking during the flash.

prom secrets8. Think About Lighting

Usually, pictures of people directly facing the camera don’t turn out flattering because the bright flash makes their faces flat and uninteresting. Instead, encourage her to turn her head about 45 degrees while her eyes still point to the lens. In this position, facial features have more depth for the photographer to capture. Additionally, a white wall or brightly colored background will allow the camera to balance colors more naturally so the picture won’t appear yellow or pink.

9. Ask for More Pictures

During the golden age of “America’s Next Top Model” that photographers took hundreds upon hundreds of pictures during the contestants’ photo shoots. This is because looking good in pictures is a game of averages; the more pictures you have of yourself, the more likely you’ll have one that is an absolute stunner.

Do you have any tried and true prom secrets you’d like to share? Comment below.


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