I wanted to say thanks to everyone for all my wonderful birthday wishes yesterday. You all are such fabulous blog buddies. I have decided to totally embrace my 30s and not be scared of them. I plan to enjoy each and everyday. I feel like I have been in my 20s forever, so I am kinda of excited to be embarking on a new decade. I had a great day, the hubbs let me sleep in. I got breakfast in bed! YUMMY. Hubbs even took Jasmine to work with him for a few hours so I could have some alone time, I used that time to read. I am just about done with my book. We had fun family time at the park, then went to have dinner and celebrated my day with my amazing family.

My cake and flowers were so beautiful, even my little teaser cake was cute. I can’t believe my family managed to squeeze 30 candles on my little cake.

My little fondant cake was adorable. I was lucky enough to have two cakes. The yellow roses are an ode to me being born in Texas. Jasmine had fun poking her finger in it. J is a self-proclaimed icing girl.

I just realized I didn’t get a group photo or a photo with just me and my husband. Oh well, I have plenty more birthdays to go.

*update* All photos that were in this post have been lost.


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