EdenFantasys Review I Love My Devine Playchest


Do not read on if you are under the age of 18 and or easily offended by the talk of sex. If your not so easily offended then please continue reading.

EdenFantasys is quickly becoming my favorite place to shop online for adult toys and accessories, who knew there was one place with such a huge selection? If you’re an avid reader of mine then you’ve read my past EdenFantasys posts and you’ve heard how fantastic EdenFantasys is. Hopefully you’ve tried them out for yourself too. You can find anything and everything at EdenFantasys from sex toys for both you and him to adult videos and even lingerie. I just bought myself this pretty pink Devine Playchest.

Pink Devine Playchest 104.99$

My Devine Playchest is so chic and adorable. I have it displayed proudly in my closet. The Devine Playchest is made of faux leather and has chrome finishes. Inside there are plenty of loops, pockets and a large center adjusting partition. I really like the hidden key. As my family grows and little children get curious I needed a new way to store my toys and accessories and my new storage container is absolutely fabulous.

This is my second purchase and I’m thoroughly happy with what I ordered. I actually placed my order on 7/18 and my order arrived on the 22nd, amazing. I continue to appreciate that my orders are always shipped in a discreet brown box too. I’m not afraid to talk about sex or let people know I have it but I don’t want the entire neighborhood knowing that the box sitting on my stoop is full of sex toys. Head over and check out EdenFantasys for yourself if you haven’t already, you can thank me later.


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