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TheraBreath is a revolutionary premium oral care system. Dr. Harold Katz began his own breakthrough research into the causes of Bad Breath in
the early 1990s, after he was unable to help his own teenage daughter with her severe and chronic breath problem. Not sure if you might have bad breath? Just because your teeth are freshly brushed and you have a minty taste in your mouth you might still have bad breath. Try taking the FREE On-line Clinical Evaluation. The results might surprise you.

The Products I Reviewed

I was sent out a full size of their bestsellers TheraBreth Tootpaste and Oral Rinse. I also received their new Mouth Wetting Lozenges.

My Review

I’ve been fortunate enough to not suffer from bad breath but it never hurts to help prevent it. I decided to try out the TheraBreath system for a week and I’ve got to say I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased. I noticed the biggest difference in my breath in the mornings. I use to wake up with a not so fresh taste in my mouth but after using TheraBreath for the last week my breath has been so much better when I rise!! I no longer hide my face from my husband when I talk to him first thing in the morning. I’m a little more confident before my ‘morning brush & rinse’. I have my husband very interested in trying some so I think I’ll buy him some soon with all the coupons that came within the packaging, thanks.

I really liked the gentle mint flavor, nothing about these products overwhelmed me. I didn’t have the feeling like I was rinsing my mouth with razor blades like most traditional mouthwashes I’ve used. I really love the mouth wetting lozenges a lot. I found these little mints to be my favorite product by far. I find myself using these little mints often throughout the day. I like the convenient box that they came in too. I have a couple in my purse and they give me just what I need without the harsh after taste that I usually experience from my traditional mints.


  1. I’ve been having major dental problems and am having dental surgery next week and would really like to try these products. My dentist reccomended them to me

  2. I would love to win this product! My seven year old son has the worst smelling morning breath! Would love to try before I buy!!


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