Welcome Baby Sean



Welcome Sean Christopher Cruz, II

I actually started having contractions on Saturday, July 30th. I was really wanting a July baby. By Sunday night, I realized that wasn’t going to happen. I even doubted that I was even having contractions. I didn’t want to excite anyone, so I kind of kept it to myself, that was until Sunday evening when I actually couldn’t sleep any longer and got out of bed to settle in front of the TV. I had my regular appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon. I had my brother drive me to my appointment and my husband met us there. While waiting to be called back I started having some serious contractions. It felt like forever before my doctor saw me, but when she did I told her about my contractions and after waiting for another contractions to pass she examined me quickly, I was already 4 centimeters dilated.

So exciting! My brother took Jasmine to my in-laws. I called my Mom to fill her in. I was told to go over to the hospital which is right next to the building I was in. I chose to walk over, thought it might be a good idea to walk a little. Not a good idea after all. It was pouring out and I had to walk through puddles all while having some serious contractions.

We go to the hospital and it was only a few minutes later that I was lying in a bed praying I would have time to get an epidural. My poor hubby was starving and he knew this was his only chance to grab a bite to eat. After helping me through another contraction he ran down to the cafeteria in search of food. It wasn’t 2 seconds after he ran out my water didn’t break it BURST. After the explosion my contractions got much worse! With each contraction I felt more water come out and there was so much pressure I felt like I had to push. By this time I was freaking out in my head because I knew I simply didn’t want to give birth without pain medicine.

I was sent to the bathroom to try and empty my bladder while the nurses changed my bed sheets. While in the bathroom my Doctor came in, we talked through the door and she told me she would be back. Then my hubby walked in and with help I made my way back to the bed but not before completely drenching the bathroom floor in amniotic fluid.


I was delighted to see the preparations being made for my epidural when I came out of the bathroom. I was put into place for the epidural but the anesthesiologist wasn’t even in the room yet. I ended up slumping over on my side until he arrived. Once the anesthesiologist was in the room I sat back up and after another contraction he was done!!! I think I had one more strong contraction then I felt the medicine start to do its magic. After about fifteen minutes I couldn’t even feel my legs, perfect. Then it was time for the iPhone and make-up.

My mom walked in at this time. I’m so glad she didn’t have to see me in so much pain. It was only a couple of hours later that Sean Christopher Cruz, II was born at 8:48 pm on Aug 1st. I did however puke up some nasty stomach bile right before he came out. My gown was drenched in stinky bright yellow bile, yuck. Baby Sean came out facing the ceiling and the doctor did have to use the vacuum to help get him out.

What an experience. I am so thankful he is healthy and that I’m okay. We’ve been home for 5 days now and things are starting to fall right into place. I could use more sleep but I’m confident that he will be sleeping through the night sooner than later. More to come…that’s for sure!


  1. Yikes! Happy it wasnt too late for the epidural. Welcome to the world Sean!! He looks like he is ready to take on the world in that pic. Big sister must be excited. I know I was when my little brother was born. Congrats to you and your family!


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