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You can pretty much rent anything today, did you know you can even rent textbooks for college?? If you have been to college or recently enrolled then you know how expensive buying books can be and once your done with your class they basically just take up room on your bookcase. Chances are you will never use your college textbooks every again. Why not rent textbooks from and save up to 90%? The best part is you don’t have to be a college student to rent books, they rent to everyone.

In 2007 began renting books. Since 2007 they have rented to thousands and thousands of customers on more than 5,000 campuses in the USA saving college students everywhere plenty of money.

  •  Pay students for referring friends
  • Free membership and
  • Award scholarships every semester
  • Contribute a portion of their rental proceeds to a worthy humanitarian project (now they are donating to Operation Smile)
  • Have live customer support
  • Offer a very flexible rental period (15 day grace period)
  • Huge book selection

When you rent from CampusBookRentals you can rest assured with their worry free guarantee for the first 30 days. If your drop a class or change your mind you can send the book(s) back free of charge. Yes you heard right CampusBookRentals offer FREE Shipping Both Ways! You really can’t go wrong with renting your textbook from

Along with renting a huge choice of books and saving you a ton of money also works closely with humanitarian projects and now they are helping change lives by donating to Operation Smile.

We’re ecstatic to announce our 2011 Making a Difference Program. We have officially teamed up with Operation Smile, an out of this world, awesome organization, that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. The long-term Improvement in quality of life for the children that receive these surgeries is almost incomprehensible. We have committed to donating enough to cover a minimum of 1,000 life changing surgeries. We hope To beat that number, but it’s a significant commitment.

So for EVERY book rented starting now, we will give a portion of those proceeds to Operation Smile with our sights set on meeting and exceeding our goal of 1,000 lives changed. So add that extra book to your cart, and consider this goal as you go back to school this year. Thank you for your support.

 Have you ever rented books for school?


  1. I wish companies like this one has been around when I was in college.  So glad that my boys won’t have to buy every single text and sometimes get stuck with an ‘outdated’ one they can not resell.

  2. I love giving back like this. I am really grateful for this post- my daughter starts classes winter quarter and hub is going back to school as well, this will help a lot. Going to look around right now!


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