Cloth Diapering, Chickpea Soup & Adorable Kids


I’ve been so busy review and giveaway blogging that I haven’t had time to do any good old family blogging. I’m trying hard to keep my head above water with all these reviews I have still to do and giveaway to post. The Holiday Gift Guide is starting next week and although I’m staying pretty organized and ahead of schedule I haven’t really had time to sit and smell the roses.

Today was the first day at my attempt to lessen the amount of time I spend on the computer during the weekends. I have tried to make a serious effort to only blog on the weekdays while my daughter is at school and while the baby is snoozing.  I think my blog has taken over my life and my balance went out the window somewhere between June and July. Today I spent plenty of quality time with my family which I plan to do more of. My babies will only be little once. I mean look at these adorable kids! They make life worth living.

I’m quickly realizing that e-mails can wait a few hours. Just because I see an e-mail on my phone I don’t have to answer right away. I don’t have to check my e-mail in the middle of night while I’m waiting for the baby to fall back asleep. I can let go of my iPhone some during the day. It doesn’t have to stay glued to my hands or always within reach.

My love for blogging has taken a toll on dinner time. I use to make a delicious meals every night and now  I’m lucky if I cook once a week. I went and did some serious grocery shopping today.  I have a delicious menu planned for the coming week and gave the family a little sneak peek at what’s to come. I whipped up a yummy pot of Chickpea Chicken Noodle Soup tonight (totally homemade). Score!! This girl can cook. We are going tomorrow as a family to buy some fresh fish and shrimp for some meals I’m planning.

Along with trying to not let blogging rule my life I’ve started to cloth diaper with baby Sean. I’m loving it! I really wish I would have used cloth diapers with Jasmine. I’m actually kinda obsessed with buying the shells. I only have to buy a few more and a few more pods then I’ll have enough to cycle through during the day. I can’ t believe my little guy is already 3 months old. He is such a joy and I really appreciate the fact that he is sleeping longer at night. Thanks baby!

So there you have it. Cloth Diapering, Chickpea Soup & Adorable Kids! Life is good and I can blog in my free time. No need to feel overwhelmed or like I’m under some strict deadline. All I have to do it come to the computer with a specific task to complete and complete it. I’ll get so much more done that way. How do you all stay organized? When do you blog? Do you make dinner every night for your family? I would love to hear how you all keep a healthy balance.


  1. I find that I struggle with balance sometimes too. A lot of it has to do with what I have scheduled on my blog and if I feel like I have a definite deadline, or if it is a bit more flexible. I do try to set aside time during the day to blog, and time to be off of the computer. My daughter just started Kindergarten this year, and I am trying to be off of the computer as much as possible when she is home – I am missing her like crazy! My little guy has his own agenda during the day, and usually takes a good nap in the afternoon, which allows me some computer time. I do like to hop on first thing in the morning to get things set up for the day, answer/approve comments, reply to emails, etc. My kids tend to let me know when they need more of me, and I try my best to listen! I do most of my blogging when my husband is at work at night and the kids are asleep. And no, I don’t cook a from scratch dinner every night either 🙂

  2. Oh I feel for you.  Totally hear what your saying.. I don’t know how you keep up with it all as it is.. I just started doing reviews and giveaways a month ago.  All the work it entails and all the promoting of my blog at the same time can be nutso.

    Anyhoo I am a new follower from the kindle giveaway.
    I have a blog all about contests and giveaways if you ever want to list them free please do.

    NOT that you need more work to do lol

    Take care
    Kevin from

  3. We love your Blog ! Keeps us on track over here! But Agreed, there should be a balance…But you can’t help that you love what you do! Most people dread work, but if you love what you do it does not seem like work! ENJOY your family they are precious!!! But since you are a SAHM its important to do something for YOU! Your blog reflect you! and its great!

  4. Your kids are adorable!  I do cook dinner for my family – in fact tonight we’re having chicken noodle soup too!  I also struggle balancing time with kids and time doing work on the computer(I sell my crafts online).  That’s what the sermon at church was today, taking more time for things that are important in my life.  So, I, like you, will be working more on this too.

  5. Honestly, I blog when I’m inspired or when I have a deadline. I should be more organized about it, but I’m not. LOL My daughters are older (12-16) and they help out and do a lot of food/meal preparation. I make an old-fashioned homemade dinner myself maybe once a week. So, definitely no answers to “life balance” here. Working on it though!

  6. I use to struggle a lot with it. But now I am only blogging during the day or if hubby and the boys are busy in the evenings. I am behind too, but the blog is to give me an outlet and help supplement our income, not to take over all my time. So yeah I work hard at it, but balance is key. Sounds like you are trying and that’s the best we can do.

  7. I’ve yet to find a truly healthy balance for my life. If I don’t pay attention to the blog, it does not continue to thrive.  BUT, family is way more important.  So, I have been known to pre-write a bunch of posts to publish and then ignore the computer for a day or two.  

  8. Blogging can totally take over, can’t it?!?!?  I try to have all my blogging stuff done while hubbyman is at work….that way he can’t complain.  😉


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