Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves


The Grandoe Corporation’s mission is to enhance comfort and enjoyment of life. As part of its ongoing effort, Grandoe has combined its extensive glove making experience with mobile touch screen technology to bring intelligent and fashionable touch screen compatible gloves to market.



How many of you all have been out and you’ve had to remove one of your gloves in order to receive a call, send a text or flip pages on her E-Reader? No longer. Check out these amazing sensor touch gloves. Sensor touch gloves are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, for both men and women. With the widespread use of touch screen technology quickly being the everyday, the availability of touch screen compatible gloves is essential.

I was recently sent a pair of Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves in black equipped with sensor technology that actually allows you to use your touch screen devices while staying warm and toasty. Knit Fingertip Technology allows connectivity on the index finger and thumb.  With winter fast approaching my pair of Leto-Women’s Texting Gloves are going to come in handy. For the longest time I’ve had to sacrifice my poor hand’s warmth in order to use my cellphone.

These gloves would make an excellent gift for the coming holidays. Who wouldn’t want to receive a pair of these multi functional gloves? Grab a few pairs, everyone in your family is going to need a pair. I’m going to get a lot of use out of my Leto gloves this coming winter.

Compatible with a wide range of Touchscreen Devices, including Smartphones, E-Reader, Tablets, MP3 Players, ATM’s, Fuel Pumps, and GPS Devices. Choose from 3 stylish colors. Each pair will only costs $40.00. “Stay Warm, Stay Connected”

I was sent a pair of Lets gloves free of cost from LiptonPublicity in order to complete this review. I was not financially compensated for a positive review.



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