Christmas 2011 In Photos


Merry Christmas

Things are starting to settle down around here, finally. As Jasmine gets older each Christmas is becoming more fun. This year she tore into her gifts and stopping to take cute photos. Jasmine got everything she wanted and even some things she didn’t know she wanted, like super adorable pink legos.

Baby Sean got some clothes which he really needed. He is growing so quickly that it’s hard to keep clothes around the fit him or will fit him. He also got a few toys from his Aunt. Baby Sean is now on his second nap of the day and I’m one grateful mommy.

Hubby gave me a new phone *squeal*. I really didn’t think I was getting one. I had just asked for a new otter box for my old iPhone. I’ve been busy playing with my new White iPhone 4S. Taking pictures with it is so much fun. I also got a nice pair of slippers and a kicking new otter box for my phone. I also got a retro style beach cruiser!! Jasmine and I already went on a bike ride together.

It’s been a great day. Hard to believe Christmas is almost over. Time to start thinking about next year.



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