I Wouldn’t Make It a Day Without My Smartphone


I can honestly say I wouldn’t make it a day without my smartphone, it’s never far from my side. I’ve been carrying around a smartphone for about 4 years now. Before I started blogging for a living I really had no use for a smartphone but as a full-time blogger now I can’t miss a moment when it comes to social media and e-mails. In the blogging world if you snooze you lose. If I didn’t have a smartphone by my side I could very easily miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. My smartphone is a definite asset when it comes to my blogging career. I need to have twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, and many other social media outlets at my fingertips, it’s essential to staying on top.


Being a blogger it is so important to be connected and available at all times, well almost, there are a few hours I like to sleep but believe me when I’m snoozing my smartphone sleeps next to me on my night stand. In the morning the first thing I reach for is my smartphone. I usually scan my e-mails first than cruise over to facebook and see what’s going on there. After facebook I check to see if I have any direct message on twitter. I also enjoy looking through all my mentions on twitter. If people are interacting with me I like to know about it and acknowledge them. I know, it’s kind of addictive but people in the blogging world totally understand. With my smartphone I don’t have to keep any potential sponsors waiting and I can interact on social media outlets and I never miss an e-mail.

When I’m out working I post photos or updates to my blog’s fan page often. I enjoy keep my fans up to date with what I’m doing, especially if it’s blog related. Just yesterday I took my 4- year old to Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! and I was able to live tweet using my smartphone.  I enjoy tweeting and do it a lot, my twitter followers like interacting with me. When I’m at a blogging event and the sponsor has asked me to send out a few live tweets I can. My smartphone is an extension of my computer and often I have to be away from my computer but that doesn’t stop me from being connected.

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