31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13 Your Earliest Memory #31days


It’s day 13 and I can’t believe I’ve kept up this long. I usually have my posts done the night before but I didn’t have time last night. I was out with my mother doing some late night shopping. We started Mother’s Day a little early.

Day 13

Your Earliest Memory

I guess I should start back where we use to live when I was 6 months old. We lived in Chula Vista, CA and we lived there for a while. I think I might have been about 4 when we moved. It’s there that I learned to swim, walk, and my mom even had my younger brother, Chris. A lot went down there so it’s safe to say I had my first memory there. The thing that sticks out the most in my mind is going to the pool just about every day. My half-sister and I use to swim the day away. Lounging around the pool and watching my mom sun bathe while I splashed around in the kiddie pool. My half-sister was a lot older than me so she played on the diving board. I remember being tossed in the deep end and that’s how I learned to swim. Either sink or swim.

I would post a photo but those albums are buried deep and I don’t have the time to search for them. Just for fun here is what I made my mom when I was 1.5 years old and we were living in Chula Vista. It thought it fit in well with it being Mother’s Day and all.

There’s a link up for this challenge at Boy Oh Boy.

What was your earliest memory?



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