De-lurk Friday


Here on my blog I write nearly everyday to an audience I know little to nothing about. I do share some personal stories with you all because I know it’s fun to learn about the person behind the blog. I was reading one of my favorite blogs last week, Dear Crissy and she had a great idea. Crissy’s idea got me thinking, who reads my blog? 

Last month I took the 31 Day Blog Challenge and I feel like I gained a lot of loyal readers who now know a lot about me and visa versa. I learned so much about some of my new readers but I know there are some of you who have only ever commented on my giveaways or review posts and left nothing about yourself.

It’s a new month so what better time than now?! Do you lurk but never comment? I want to know who you are.

It’s your turn! Comment below, let me know how you are, share whatever you want with me. If you’re a lurker and don’t comment often here’s your chance.

I’ll reply to each and every comment I receive here on this post.

If you were wondering, that’s my very talented, artistic brother Christopher above in the photo. Photo credit: Christoper J. Revels.



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