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My son developed severe ezcema when he was only 2-months old. I first noticed a small, round, dry patch of skin on his arm and it quickly spread. Eventually his arms, legs, back, and butt were covered in dry patches. After many visits to his pediatrician I was told to put a topical steroid cream on his affected areas, no thank you. So I did what any mother or father would do, tried every cream, oil and wash under the sun. I’ve had okay results from what I’ve tried but then I was asked to review some baby eczema personal care products from Exederm. I wasn’t holding my breath that these products would work, but after a few weeks I can tell you this, Exederm Ultra Sensitive Skin Care products really cleared up my son’s eczema. Baby Sean’s skin is so smooth. I never knew my son’s skin could be so soft, it has been rough, and itchy for nearly 16-months.

A CHILD WITH ECZEMA OR DERMATITIS IS NOT AVERAGE … and average skincare is just NOT good enough. The cold winter months can trigger major problems with dry, itchy skin, an issue that affects 35 million people a year, both children and adults.  Exederm takes the sting out of skincare with a complete product line designed to avoid frangrance, color or dyes, parabens, lanolin, formaldehyde and other known skin irritants.  The philosophy is simple: always use the mildest ingredients possible.  Formulated especially for babies with sensitive skin, Exederm is the ultimate way to “baby your skin”, regardless of age.

I’ve learned that if I avoid eczema triggers then baby Sean’s skin won’t flare up. He doesn’t need bubbles or foam in his bath wash. I never knew that Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) is a trigger, it’s the ingredient that creates the bubbles and lather in almost all shampoos and washes. It’s totally unnecessary to use SLS and we no longer use products with SLS in them. I’m guessing people just feel like they are getting cleaner if they have suds or a rich, thick lather. Colors, dyes, fragrances, and so much more are not needed to wash my son’s skin and hair and therefore I’m sticking with Exederm.

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Since using the Eczema Baby Wash $12.99 and  the Baby Eczema Shampoo, also $12.99 my son is happier, doesn’t scratch, and his skin is silky smooth. Right after the very first use I noticed a change in his skin. I was amazed and shocked! I didn’t have to apply the normal regime of ointment and lotion. Now all the pieces of the eczema mystery puzzle I’ve tried to solve for over a year now have fallen into place. My son has super sensitive skin, his skin hates allergens, perfumes, dyes, and other toxins. Remove those eczema triggers from his wash and daily routine and his skin is smooth and happy. SUCCESS!

The National Eczema Association has honored Exederm children’s skin care range with its coveted ‘Seal of Acceptance’ award in acknowledgement of our ultra sensitive formulations. In fact, each of our five baby eczema care products scored a maximum 5/5 from the review panel.


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I was sent a free sample for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given. 

Hey there, I’m Tiffany! I’m a work-at-home mom of two rambunctious children (Jasmine, 9 + Sean II, 5) and recently widowed at just 35 years old. I’ve remarried and currently live right outside of Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, Louisiana with two adoring cats and a dog. Let’s connect on Twitter @fabulousmomblog.



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