Wordless Wednesday with linky: Hunting down Easter eggs



Wordless Wednesday with Linky: Hunting Down Easter Eggs

I love Easter, well actually, I love dying the eggs the most. This year I scaled way back with the dying of the Easter eggs and only dyed the eggs. I didn’t paint them, nor did I add glitter, I didn’t even add stickers or use the white/clear crayon thing. I just used extra vinegar to makes the eggs super vibrant and bold. Baby Sean even got to dye an egg, he did great.


I am trying but I can’t be wordless about Jasmine’s outfit choice. She looked so cute but it wasn’t a Easter outfit. I had gotten Jasmine a really pretty dress to wear on Easter but before I knew it Jas had already dressed herself. Jasmine was so proud of herself, she picked the pink top because she said it looked like an Easter egg. Jas made sure to tuck her shirt into her shorts so everyone could see that she was matching. I asked Jasmine why did she put on black boots, her response, “I’m going to be hunting eggs mommy, these are my egg hunting boots.” In an effort to help boost Jasmine’s self-esteem I let her be. I praised her for picking such a pretty outfit and left it at that.




photo 5-3

My poor little baby crashed while chasing down an Easter egg. Every time Sean put an egg into his basket he would say “thank you”. It was so funny! Sean was a great egg hunter, he saw some eggs his sister missed.

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  1. Such great pictures. All we did was dye the eggs too- nothing pinterest worthy at our house! Jasmine is so cute, and looks SO much like you.


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