Chickens of Instagram – 11 Amazing IGers you’ll want to follow


As the backyard chicken trend sweeps the nation, and shows no signs of slowing down I decided to take to Instagram and hunt down my favorite Chickens of Instagram posts. Here are 11 amazing IGers you’ll want to follow if you’re chicken obsessed, like I am. I find myself scouring Instagram for videos, cute pictures of not only chickens but eggs too. Who knew #eggenvy is a real hashtag?!

I’ve had my backyard flock for a while but the hens aren’t laying yet. I’m patiently waiting the morning I walk outside with my daughter to check their nest boxes to see if they have laid us any eggs. Until that happens here are my favorite chicken related Instagram accounts.

1. Round Rock Farm

2. flourish austin

MY how fast they grow! Haha… Love that bird! #backyardchickens #chickenselfie #chickensofinstagram #featheredfriend

A photo posted by Amy In Austin (@flourishaustin) on

3. the_broody_hen

4. p_homestead

5. paintedpaws28

This is what I find when I go to let my girls out for the day ? #chickensofinstagram #goatsofinstagram

A photo posted by Hobby Farm & Kid Art (@paintedpaws28) on

6. myfarmwifelife

7. _ninafaith_

8. jessicacramer217

9. veritashomestead

10. kelleeannm

Aren’t they a pretty pair? #backyardchickens #macedoniahomestead #growyourown #raiseyourown

A photo posted by Kellee Montgomery McMillin (@kelleeannm) on

11. TheFourteenAcres


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