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I did receive promotional items as well as compensation for participating in the UOBS.

The Ultimate Online Baby Shower has officially kicked off! I’m so excited you’re here for the fun! The UOBS is a week-long online sampling event where you have the opportunity to discover and experience great brands and products. There are thousands of products in this sampling event that are perfect for baby, mom, and expectant moms alike. The UOBS event starts today, Monday August 10th – Friday August 14th, 2015. To get started you’ll want to RSVP!

RSVP Flyer

What is a sampling event?

Before this sampling event starts I highly recommend that you “wish for” the sample. This lets your friends and family know that you’d really like to receive this product. Once the event begins, your friends will need to be on the right #UOBS tab to “send you” the sample. I recommend teaming up with a friend so you can make sure to grant each others wishes for the sampler.

How do I participate?

RSVP to win The Grand Prize Gift Basket valued at $500.

First things first! You’ll want to RSVP. Once you RSVP you’ll be entered for a chance to win the coveted Grand Prize Gift Basket filled with prizes from the sponsors of the event and give you access to the Sampler Calendar so you will know exactly when your favorite brands are holding their sampler event and at what time each day.

Wish for it!

What’s special about Sampler is that you can only send product samples to Facebook friends. So during the “Wish for it” time period you’ll want a sample friend to send it to you. Think about teaming up with a Facebook friend ahead of time so you can both make sure you get the samples you want. That’s why the “Wish For it” period before the event is so important.

Sampling Event

There are multiple events each day and you can find the place and time on the Sampler Calender, (which you access by RSVPing as indicated above). When the event starts, you will want to click through IMMEDIATELY when it goes live. Samples go fast so you have the best chance if you are on the app right when it goes live. The sampling takes place between Tuesday August 11th – Friday August 14th.

UOBS Sampler Brands

Flash Giveaways

In addition to the sampling events, there will be 7 Flash Giveaway during the UOBS! Each day on each of the participating blogger’s Facebook page there with be a Flash Giveaway! The giveaways will go live at the time listed on your Sampler Calendar.

Participating Brands

Safety 1st

1. Safety 1st – Kicking off the Ultimate Online Baby Shower this year is Safety 1st. You do not want to miss their Flash Giveaway!

Bella Bundles

2. Bella Bundles – Bella Bundles’ line of accessories features designs and super cute and functional, making them the perfect fit for the modern mom. Their designs are hip, the quality is top-notch, and the fabrics are very soft. If you’re looking to add personal touches to your baby’s nursery and baby’s layette with clean design, Bella Bundles has exactly what you’re looking for. I really adore these Shushie Door Stoppers! I wish I had these when my son was born. At the time my little girl was only 4 and she didn’t understand what closing the door quietly meant. Often she would accidentally wake up her little brother from his naps.


The Laundress

3. The Laundress – The Laundress has a full range of products that are just perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. My youngest suffers from eczema and it’s hard to find a detergent for his clothes that doesn’t irritate his skin. I love this entire line of unscented products for baby.

THe Laundress Laundry Detergent

Wish For It: Laundry Detergent Samples 


4. Basq – The Lavender Resilient Oil from Basq smells delightful and goes on smooth, not greasy or oily because it dries onto the skin. I’ve had a wonderful time trying this oil because it does such a good job and moisturizing. I don’t think you have to be pregnant to enjoy this lavender oil from Basq.


Wish For It: Lavender Resilient Oil


5. Adiri – I find the MD + Nurser very useful and practical. So often it’s a struggle to give baby meds, especially when all they know is to suck from a bottle. Often dispensing medicine to a baby requires more than one set of hands. I know when I would have to give my kids their medicine when they were so young I would often worry that they didn’t get the entire dose, mostly because of how much we would end up spilling during the process.

Adiri MD+


Wish For It: MD+Nurser

Belli Skincare

6. Belli Skincare – I trust the Belli skincare line because their products are allergy tested, free of paraben preservatives, phthalates, and artificial dyes or fragrances, and made in the USA. I’ve been using a few products from Belli Skincare lately, mostly the facial products, and I LOVE the Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator the most. It’s not often I find a hydrator that I don’t have to apply a few times a day. Plus, the facial wash and acne spot treatment complement each other nicely.  I now have a brand new daily skin care regime.

Belli SkincareWish For It: Facial Hydrator & Facial Wash


7. RaZbaby – The one things I never left home without when my daughter was a baby was her pacifier. I had pacifiers stashed everywhere! I had a pacifier to match every outfit and even had a few of our favorite local college football team. Once my son came along he didn’t even know how to suck on a pacifier, so instead, he cried! I wish Seanie would have taken to a pacifier. Have you see all the super adorable pacifiers at RaZbaby? You’ll love all the cute designs and how functional they are.


Wish For It: Boy/Girl Pacifiers (only 500 available)

Sweetsation Therapy

8. Sweetsation Therapy – Sweetsation Therapy name says is all. The company offers therapeutic organic and natural skin care products that are pleasing for the body, mind and soul. Whether you are young, or young at heart, they have something for you. I’ve used this stick smooth over my son’s legs. Sean’s eczema keeps his skin so dry and if I don’t hydrate his skin then he starts to scratch. The smells is wonderful and because of how it is packaged I can easily carry it around in my purse without worry of his spilling.

sweetation therapy

Wish For It: Baby Lip & Cheek Balm

Baby K’tan

9. Baby K’tan – This is one slick looking diaper bag! It features a built-in wetbag with antibacterial lining, which is perfect if you cloth diaper your baby. With 12 storage compartments it is easy to stay organized! Since the straps are adjustable I can easily hand it off to my husband to use and the added stroller straps are very helpful as well.

baby k'tan diaper bag

Dapple Baby

10. Dapple Baby – I use the pacifier cleaning wipes from Dapple Baby to wipe down the everyday surfaces my son comes in contact with. I even carry them around in my purse so when we go shopping I always have a quick and easy way to keep up germ-free. a quick wipe-down. The bottle wash is great for all the sippy cups my 4-year old uses. Dapple Baby cleaning products are dye-free and made with non-toxic plant-based ingredients — safe for the entire home!

Dabble Baby bottle wash

Wish For It: Dapple Baby Bottle Wash

Wee Can Too

11. Wee Can Too – I hate all the chemicals that come in my son’s traditional doh and sidewalk chalk. My youngest is 4, but he still likes to smell and taste everything, even if he isn’t supposed to. Because these art supplies are made using real veggies I don’t have to worry about chemical going into his mouth. Wee Can Too art supplies are non-toxic and colorful.

WEE CAN TOO Veggie Chalk

WEE CAN TOO Veggie Dough


12. Pearhead – Pearhead Chalkboard Photo Background makes a perfect backdrop for photos of your baby. The black, erasable chalkboard is designed with multiple blank spaces for you to fill out using the included colorful chalk. Features a banner at the top for your baby’s name, as well as spaces for baby’s age, weight, likes, dislikes, favorite song/lullaby and favorite bedtime story. An adorable and fun way to document his or her growth.

If I ever have another child I’m surly going to use a chalkboard like this to document his or her growth and achievements. It’s like a baby book, but better!

Baby & chalkboard

Baby Comfy Care

13. Baby Comfy Care – These nail clippers are the best and I don’t recommend using any other kind on your baby’s nails ever again. I learned the hard way. I cut my daughter when she was a baby while I was trimming her toe nails. I never touched her nails again. From then I had my mother-in-law clip her toes. Once my son was born I bought a pair of these to use on him and haven’t looked back since!

Baby Comfy Nail safety clippers have only one blade! The bottom flat plastic ledge pushes baby’s skin back out of the way while the top blade cuts the nail … and only the nail. Baby Comfy Nail won’t cut baby’s skin. The unique ergonomic design makes easier to hold and operate when you don’t want to make a mistake. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Only available from Baby Comfy Care.


Wish For It: Baby Comfy Safety Nail Clippers


14. HABA  -This solid wooden toy from HABA is the perfect little wiggle toy for curious young minds. I’d rather give my baby toys made out wood. I find a wooden toy is a better choice than the traditional plastic toys that are readily available. This adorable little Egon Elephant makes the sweetest little sounds that will stimulate your baby and keep him/her happy and engaged.



15. Ubbi – The Time for a Tweat cup has a large enough opening for easy snack access and the soft spill guard. Making clean up super easy. I never leave home without a bunch of different snack options for my kiddos. It’s funny how snacks tend to calm the little ones down. My two babies are older now but I never had them a snack unless it is in a snack bowl like this with a lid on it.

Tweat & Baby


16. ME4KIDZ – The Little Dudes cut+scrape kit (which is pictured below) was a big hit with my 4-year old son. He kept saying he had a boo boo just so he could put a bandage on. The faces on these bandages are just too cute!

The kit includes 24 latex free bandages, 4 sting free antiseptic wipes and 4 silly stickers. The focus of me4kidz is to design functional and modern first-aid kits for parents. To help keep jobs in this country, their products are primarily manufactured in the USA. Products are donated annually to various educational fundraisers and children’s organizations to better the lives of others that can’t afford first aid kits.


Wish For It: Baby Bandage Packs

A few quick reminders…. Don’t forget to RSVP so you can be entered to win The Grand Prize Gift Basket and get access to the Sampler Calender so you don’t miss any of the great samples. And finally, don’t forget to find a Sampler friend to help you get the samples you wished for, and visa versa.

What are you most excited to try?

Hey there, I’m Tiffany! I’m a work-at-home mom of two rambunctious children (Jasmine, 9 + Sean II, 5) and recently widowed at just 35 years old. I’ve remarried and currently live right outside of Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, Louisiana with two adoring cats and a dog. Let’s connect on Twitter @fabulousmomblog.


  1. Timed events lime this and flash sales frustrate me. I can never be on at the right time. I do see a few items I would like to try even if it means paying for them myself.


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