FMB Link Love Week 15

FMB Link Love

FMB Link Love

I totally messed up this week. I thought Wednesday was Tuesday, that’s why this is being published today, not yesterday like it normally is. This week is going by too fast.

I’ve been busy lately. My husband and I have been moving my little brother off of our couch and into his brand new house. And let’s not forget all the cleaning we’ve done outside, in the shed, garage and back porch. Our next project is to put a fenced in area out in the hard to hold our two chicken coops and our 10 chickens. I love seeing my chickens free-range around the yard but I’m sick and tired of stepping in chicken poop.

I’m super excited about the prints I’ve ordered from Social Print Studio.

I’m also stoked about going to Virginia with my brother on the 17th for some serious mother daughter, sister brother, brother brother quality time. I miss my other brother terribly. And all this without my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly, but mamma needs a break.


I spent most of last week and this past weekend at our family hunting camp. We decided to celebrate Thanksgiving up there, and it was fun, all except for the 80 degree + weather we had.

I’m also super close to beating Yoshi’s Wolly World.

And let’s not forget the adorable kittens.

Link Love

Now that we are over the hump I hope the rest of your week is amazing.


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