Give Your Children Magformers Magnetic Construction Sets this holiday season

magnetic construction set

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magnetic construction set

It’s that magical time of year once again. The children are writing their wish lists for the holidays and the parents are trying to narrow their kids’ lists down to toys that serve more than one purpose. When shopping for toys to leave under the tree this year you might want to take a look at Magformers Magnetic Construction Set. My husband and son have been playing with these MAGFORMERS for a while now.

We’ve been busy creating, moving and spinning with the MAGFORMERS® 61Pc Magnets in Motion Gear Set. My husband always wanted to be an architect. Sadly, he hasn’t been able to make his dream a reality, but when I showed him this set my husband took my son in his room and they played for hours.


The toys at MAGFORMERS are intelligent magnetic construction sets for brain development. Founded with the Architects of the future in mind MAGFORMERS is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of magnetic children’s toys.

My husband and I are raising architects of the future, and MAGFORMERS help my children express their designs through play, by adding large rectangles, arches and sectors to their builds.


MAGFORMERS use cylindrical neodymium magnets. Because of this unique shape, no matter how they’re connected they always attract. Combine this with their strength and it means shapes can be laid flat on a table and pulled up to form different builds. The set I was sent comes with 7 different magnetic shapes which offer a variety of play experiences together with manual hand crank power for spinning motion.

Magformers Toys

This set is a huge hit at our house, and I know it will be at yours as well.

Shop MAGFORMERS using my Amazon affiliate link.

Happy Holidays!



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