Balancing Act: Tips for Working Parents

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Working parents are masters at squeezing in the seemingly impossible. Before you consider purchasing a childcare centre for sale in order to have a team of helpers on hand, read on below for some time saving tips.

Tips for Working Parents

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Food’s often provided at childcare facilities, if only this continued throughout a child’s education! Once you start packing school lunches, a whole new challenge awaits to provide food that gets eaten, is nutritious and is permitted at your child’s school. Try a bento style lunch box with several small compartments for various food items. Aim for a colourful mix of fresh things and limit that which comes pre-packed. Bulk food prep can save a lot of time, and many homemade things can be portioned and frozen to be on hand when needed. Involving children at a young age will lead to a greater appreciation of food, establishes food habits and hopefully gets them taking responsibility for their meals when age appropriate.

To make the process efficient, begin by giving a young child a choice between two of three food options, allow them to select what they want and show them how you pack their food up for the day. If you find mornings are always rushed, you can make this a pre-bedtime activity the night before. As they age, this can progress to involvement in meal planning and shopping.

When you’re facing a deadline or are in for a particularly few hectic weeks, many households draw upon ad hoc assistance. This could mean someone around for a few hours in the morning or evening to help with getting ready for school or the bedtime routine. Other families will use carers for a few hours on the weekend so they can get errands or chores done more quickly.

Another tweak to the morning routine can be to layout clothes for everyone the night before. The fiercely independent child may also benefit from a choice between two outfits, so they can decide within your parameters. Some families swear by a checklist which can be turned into a bit of game for getting ready. Ticking off morning tasks will also prevent things from being forgotten which adds to stress when trying to get out the door for work.

If multiple carers live in the same household, talking strategy will also save time. Some households are big fans of the tag-team where one parent holds down the fort care wise while the other sees to the essentials like lunch packing, cleaning up or getting ready themselves. This works best if a swap can happen so both parents get some time while they are only responsible for themselves, even if it’s just to have a shower peacefully! Others may favour a one-on-one approach where each adult takes responsibility for one child while they are bathing and settling for the night, or getting ready for the day. Whatever you choose, be clear in which approach is being used and it’s fine to mix them up as you go.

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