The holiday season is almost upon us and for parents everywhere it’s time to get busy. Running around making plans, taking care of every detail, making sure everybody is kept happy; that’s certainly all hard work. But without some of the modern world’s most essential household items, how else would you fair?

photo credit: Alachia via Flickr
photo credit: Alachia via Flickr

In this day and age every mom can do with all the help they can get. Thanks to technology and affordable pricing, now this kind of help is well within reach. Here are four household miracle machines you might want to consider purchasing if you haven’t already.

Tumble Dryer

Gone are the days of having to wait for the early sun to come out of hiding and help dry out your washing heap. If indeed it came out at all (pity people living in colder, less temperate climes). Now tumble dryers exist to take care of that for you, spinning wash loads and heating them in order to dry them out and make them ready for wear again in the matter of an hour or so.

For the family, having an appliance such as tumble dryer in the household, is nothing short of amazing if both your kids and grown-ups have a tendency to get messy. Learn more about how a tumble dryer works here.


Hand washing dishes is always one of those chores we most love to avoid. Worsened when having people around for dinner or if growing up part of a large family, washing the dishes can take a while and, depending on your skills, not even be done all that well either.

photo credit: Andrea Castelli via Flickr
photo credit: Andrea Castelli via Flickr

Thanks to the dishwasher though people needn’t break their backs anymore slaving over the sink and scrubbing until the end of days. Loading up plates, cutlery and cooking utensils, a dishwasher is robust enough to handle all sorts of cooking and eating items, helps save water and saves a busy mom an ample amount of time to focus their attentions elsewhere.

Fridge Freezer

The fridge freezer combo is one of those double utility machines that makes organizing in the kitchen all that much easier. Placing one machine in your kitchen and having access to all the food you know you have in storage makes it far easier for mom’s to help prepare meals and know what to buy the next time the weekly shop rolls around more than it ever has been before.

Having separate units for both, energy hungry and inconveniently placed separate from one another, needn’t be an issue anymore. Mom’s can also rejoice that having a unit in the kitchen means that the hard work of pulling things out and putting things in can also be shared among all members of the family too.

With Christmas just around the corner perhaps now is the best time for mom’s to put these items on their wish-list. Knowing you have these miracle machines at your disposal might even just make you a better mom too.


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