Day 7

Your Pet Hates (Pet Peeves)

I hate it when someone refers to an entire group of people as guys. I know it’s stupid but more often than not there are women in the group. Why do we have to be called guys. I’d rather hear someone say “Come one everyone” or “Come on men and women.” It’s just nice to acknowledge everyone properly.

It also drives me crazy when people are late, it’s so inconsiderate and rude. I was always taught to be punctual. Even in the blogging world it happens. Keep up your end of the bargain and I’ll keep mine.

I hate having to hear your conversation. Don’t talk so loud on your cell phone or just know that not everyone wants to hear you just had your yearly check-up.

I really hate when I see improper use of your and you’re. Also it really drives me nuts when people add an apostrophe to a plural noun just because it’s plural.

There are more but I’m sure you don’t have time to sit and read about all my pet peeves, who has that kind of time?

What are your pet peeves?


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  1. Love the one about talking too loud on a cell phone. I screen all my calls because I don’t want my conversations overheard which drives people crazy!

  2. Confession – Sometimes I quite enjoy loud phone conversations – then I can listen in – and realise their lives are just as uninteresting as mine!

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