Moms are busy. Moms who stay at home and take care of family and home are very busy. Moms who work traditional jobs, entrepreneurial moms, married moms, and single moms are all incredibly busy. One thing is for certain, moms need a break! Today we want to share with you four ways for mom to take a break, recuperate, and rejuvenate.

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Spa Day

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The top of every moms list is a getaway somewhere to be pampered and treated like the Queen she is. A trip to the spa, like the day spa in Scottsdale, could be exactly what she needs. Mom taking the day off to soak in mud baths and massaged is a perfect way for her to relax her body and take a break from all that she does. Pro tip: Look for discounted days for during the week or choose a local day spa that gives a discount for in-town folks!

Gift Baskets for Pampering

Bring the idea of the day spa at home so that Mom can pamper herself at night before bed. You can find plenty of pre-made gift baskets, but the best ones are those handcrafted by family. Mom, you can also make one for yourself if no one else will! Things to include in the basket are:

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  • Handmade coupons offering a break from a specific task. “This coupon good for you to have me take care of laundry for a day”, “Coupon holder can request dinner be cooked and cleaned up after by anyone in the home”.
  • Lush bubble bars
  • Her favorite chocolate bar
  • Meditation CD
  • Bath salts
  • Loofahs
  • Assorted soaps in a variety of scents, look for a local soap maker!
  • Moisturizer for the hands and face
  • Facial mask, charcoal is all the rage right now
  • Bath oil
  • Sleeping mask
  • Her favorite shampoo and conditioner
  • Nail polish in her favorite color

Pay attention to what she uses but also what she hasn’t bought for herself. Having Mom take a bath once or twice a week with her gift basket will help her feel less stressed and ready to tackle her to do list.

The Art of Taking Time

Maybe you are Mom and you are struggling to get those much-needed breaks. A lot will depend on age of your children and if you have a work schedule, and what that work schedule looks like. Here are a few suggestions to help you find some downtime:

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  • Turn the cell phone off, stay off the laptop, and turn off the TV for one hour. Forewarn family that you have scheduled downtime and ask that they respect it.
  • Arrange for a weekly coffee date with a girlfriend and set aside two hours to reconnect with someone who isn’t going to talk about family or work. This is downtime!
  • Plan a monthly shopping trip with someone you don’t get to see often and catch up.
  • Every few months, plan a girl’s night out to the movies and dinner or maybe a craft night with snacks.
  • Plan a vacation for each year. You don’t have to get far, just far enough that you are able to relax.

Learn to Say No

Too many moms try to do it all. You can say “no” occasionally. Set very clear boundaries about what you can and cannot do for others and set boundaries for work. Remember, you are a human being and you deserve to love yourself just as much as you spend time loving others.

Recuperating and rejuvenating ourselves is very important. Mom tends to make sure that everyone in the home, and everyone at work, is taken care of but when mom doesn’t take care of herself she could end up making herself sick. We don’t want to see moms sick, we want to see them reflecting a well balanced life!








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