Whether it’s a sundress you used one time for a themed party or a designer bag that just isn’t your style, we all have those items of clothing in our closet that never get used. Instead of hanging it in there forever, why not make a little extra money? Thanks to the internet, selling clothes and accessories online can now be done easily. Listed here are ways you can sell them without having to put up a yard sale.

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Online Marketplaces

  • eBay

Being a multinational e-commerce platform, the items you plan to sell are bound to be seen by potential buyers. It is important that you determine the value of your clothes. It helps to base it off others who are auctioning off similar items on the site as well.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is another way of selling used clothes even though they don’t have famous brands. Unlike other online marketplaces, it does not take a cut from your profits. It is also location-based, making it easier for you to reach your buyer.

  • Amazon

Amazon is among the top marketplaces online. That said, a lot of online viewers will see the items you are selling. Simply put, the more the viewers, the better the chances of a sale. Because of the exposure it gives your items, there are fees deducted as a percentage of each sale depending on the particular item.

Social Media

  • Facebook

Having the biggest user base in the world, Facebook can be used more than just to connect with friends and family. There are thousands of groups that focus on the trading, buying, and selling of clothes. Some groups might even be specific to your location, making it easier for you to make that sale.

  • Instagram

Another social media platform you can utilize to your advantage is Instagram. Many people create accounts solely for the purpose of selling items. They do it because it’s clean, simple, and it works. Hashtags like #vintage, #stiletto, and #zara are also a versatile way that will help your items be found.

Niche Sites

  • ThredUp

Initially, this site started as a place to sell clothes that kids have outgrown. Now, it has included women’s clothing and accessories as well. Major brands are featured on the site such as J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Free People. The site also has a Payout Estimator that will present to you an estimate of how much you get for your clothes.

  • TheRealReal

If you are looking for a site that appeals to higher-end buyers, try signing up for TheRealReal. It showcases luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Chanel. The site claims to have over 4 million members and that they average about $8500 dollars per year in sales.

  • Poshmark

Poshmark is basically when Instagram meets eBay. It has a follower and follow feature, allowing users to keep up with who is selling what. Users are also allowed to comment on the items as well as rate their goods.

Your Own Website

Another way of selling items is to create an online used clothing shop. That way, you have complete control of the items you put out and set the theme of your shop to suit your clothes. You can also work out the logistics behind the traffic of your site and have yourself linked with particular bloggers.




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