As a model, it is important to always understand all the details involved within the business. It is also important to also appreciate the reasons behind the shoot as well as the company that you are working for. With this kind of information, you will be able to prepare yourself accordingly in order to offer your best when it comes to service. With this said, there are other essentials that will enable you stand out from the rest. Seen below are 5 of these modeling essentials.

Must Haves in Fashion and Modeling

1. Honesty

A good number of modeling jobs often ask for specific requirements when it comes to height, size and expertise. Due to this reason, some models may be tempted to exaggerate the information that they present about themselves in order for them to get enough work. However, doing this will only give you negative results. Various casting agencies such as bubblegum casting usually ask for your experience and measurements before casting a model. This information is important as it helps them get the most suitable candidate for the job at hand and is never used to give a negative judgment about you. At the end of the day this will help them save money and time.

2. Readiness to learn

As you begin your modeling career, it is common for you to experience a few problems here and there. It is common for you to be nervous during your first assignments. How you handle this is very important as it will set you above the rest of the models. Always arrive before time for any assignment. This will give you ample time to mingle with the people in charge of the shoot as well as other experienced models. The tips and advice you get from these individuals will help you enhance your abilities and boost your confidence.

3. Always maintain a positive attitude

Modeling deals with more than simply setting yourself in-front of a camera in a studio. A shoot can take place in any type of weather or environment. This can either be in a swimming pool or a moving vehicle. By refusing to even make the first attempt when you are presented with any of these scenarios, it will more than likely hinder you from being considered for other jobs. However, you should also ensure that everything involved in the shoot has been carefully planned out with the priority being your safety.

4. Always carry a backup kit

As previously noted, modeling shoots can be taken anywhere and it is therefore a good idea to always prepare yourself beforehand. This will even come in handy if the briefing provided lacks details when it comes to location or expectations. Your emergency kit should contain the following items:

  • A pair of shoes
  • Nude or black inner garments and stockings
  • Wipes for cleansing
  • Moisturizer
  • Fresh drinks with a straw
  • Safety pins
  • Hair spray and some make-up
  • Accessories required for the shoot

5. Have fun

In as much as modeling is a serious job, it is important for you to enjoy what you are doing. Have fun while on a shoot as it will help you relax thereby giving you a more positive outcome.


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