wallpaperDecorating your home is fun, right? Well, actually, after all the mess has been cleared and you have a brand new room, yes, it’s a lot of fun then! But when you decorate a room in your home, are you often stuck with leftovers afterwards, like half-empty tins of paint, or rolls of wallpaper that you don’t know what to do with?

Unless you have been super organized and bought the exact amount of wallpaper that you need to successfully wallpaper your home, you’ll have rolls and rolls (some of them unused) of wallpaper, some of them going years back. So, what do you do with them? Don’t put them on the walls, put them on everything else!

If you’re not sure what to put the wallpaper on, here are some tried and tested suggestions.


If you want to breathe new life into your old, tired headboard, or maybe you feel that your taste has changed, and you don’t have the money to replace it, there is an answer: cover it with wallpaper.

This is extremely affordable (after all, you’ve already got the headboard and the wallpaper), and it’s a really quick and easy process. Just slap on some wallpaper paste, add the wallpaper and then sit back, and enjoy your hard work!


We often overlook our shelves, and forget that they are not just for storage. No, they’re for display, too. To give your shelves in your living room, kitchen or workspace a new lease of life, grab a roll of bright wallpaper and cover them to make them really pop and impress your guests.


Can you put wallpaper on a lampshade? Of course you can! If you’ve got a staid-looking old lampshade that needs a little love, search your cupboards for a wallpaper border, which (depending on the size of the lampshade) is the perfect size to bring your little lamp into the 21st century.

Light switches

It’s not just lamps that can be given the wallpaper treatment; light switches need love too! Go for contrasting colors and patterns and you’ll have a durable and impressive cover for your light switches.

Cupboards/drawersuse spare wallpaper

Like shelves, cupboards, closets and drawers often get forgotten. We cram them full of our belongings and forget to celebrate them.

To give your much-maligned cupboard, closet or drawers a lift, simply add some wallpaper. Something bright and unusual that will make you smile will do wonders to your home and your mood.

Follow these tips and, instead of tossing your left over wallpaper into the trash can, you can use spare wallpaper to infuse your home with some 21 st century style. That magic touch will also add to the happiness in your home.

How would you use leftover wallpaper to decorate your home?

Images by j0hncooke and shimelle used under Creative Commons License  


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