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5 Things to do on Your Active Beach Holiday

If you love hanging out in the sun on your beach holiday but are an active person you’ll want to try out one of these 5 activities.

The Banana Boat

A banana boat is a big inflatable barge that is pulled along by a speed boat. It is called a banana boat because it is shaped like a banana. They come in different sizes and can seat quite a few people. It’s a fun activity that you can do with your friends. You have to hold on tight, especially when turning otherwise you will fall off, but that’s all part of the experience!

Jet Skis

Jet skis are one of the most exciting water sports activities and you don’t need any previous experience to hire one. You can hire one in most resorts around the world. They’re generally not too expensive to hire and you can fit 2 people on the back. Many jet skis will reach speeds of around 60 mph so it can be an exhilarating ride.


Waterskiing takes some skill but once you get the hang of it can be great fun! Just like skiing but on water, you’re pulled along by a speedboat while you skim over the waves. Getting some air over a big wave will give you a thrill, even if it’s a bit scary the first time! Before picking your speedboat pilot make sure they know what they’re doing as they’ll be in control of your turns, you don’t want to be taken through a busy part of the water and risk a collision!

Jet Boards

Jet boards are similar to regular surf boards but with an engine strapped to the back! This means that you don’t need to rely on waves to power you through the water. You also don’t need to worry about swimming out to catch the waves as you have an engine to push you along.

Beach Paragliding

If you want to fly like a bird then beach paragliding is the closest thing you can get while on your beach holiday. You are attached to a harness hanging from a parachute which is then tied to a speed boat by a long rope. The speed of the boat across the water keeps the parachute up in the air, pulling you along like a glider. If you don’t mind the height it is an excellent experience and you’ll get amazing views of the local area.

A note about travel insurance

No one expects to get hurt when they’re on holiday, but unfortunately accidents do happen, especially on sports holidays.

When you’re away from home on holiday make sure you buy good travel insurance that will cover your medical bills should you have an accident and get hurt. There’s nothing worse than being injured while away and then getting a big hospital bill when you get home.

There are special types of travel insurance for sports holidays such as skiing, so do your research and check the details of each policy before going ahead and buying one.

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