You can have your toddler visit the next casting session to be selected for a modeling contract. However, there are a lot of things that you need to understand when it comes to casting for your kid. Once your toddler is selected for the shoot and need to visit the casting agency, there are a few things that you need to know when your toddler is going to a casting. These are stated below:

31. Photos: Initially you can take some natural pictures which you have clicked yourself, but later for proper casting selection, you will need to take proper professional photos. Remember, the agency will decide whether they can use those pictures or your toddler needs to visit the agency for a photo session. You should ask about how often the photos need to be updated and what will be the cost of it?

2. Payment terms: Once your toddler is shortlisted, make sure to ask the total cost of joining and the process of applying. Ask about the percentage they would take per casting selection. Understand how they pay the child. Will it be in the name of child and in the form of check or cash? Some agencies pay only twice a year in the name of the toddler in the form of check. So, clear the payment terms tactfully with the agency.

3. Updates: Most of the agencies send newsletter to parents about the upcoming shoots, modeling assignments etc. This will help the parent to be aware about when you can take your child for a casting. So, clear these things because if your toddler is successful then your child is sure to get more assignments and these things must be communicated to you from time to time so you do not miss on any assignment which your child is capable of pursuing.

4. Number of people for audition: Ask about the number of people who will be available for audition, so you can plan accordingly. Your toddler must not look tired in front of the casting directors, so you need to plan accordingly. Do not give lame excuses in front of the casting director because they have many potential candidates to see. So, make sure you keep your child well prepared.

5. Confirm things: Once you get an audition confirmation, see if there are some important notes which you need to carry with you. Plan what your child needs to wear, present and do taking some specific suggestions from the agent so you can prepare your child accordingly.

You can attend a casting session every few weeks and while your kid can be engrossed in a multitude of other tasks, do not forget to go into the casting sessions. You can also look out for various modeling tips, including teaching your toddler how to carry themselves and how to exude the right amount of confidence. It is important to be witty and humorous and be able to get into the role quickly. You can check out bubblegum casting for more information.


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