celebrate your anniversary

Your anniversary, no matter what year you’re celebrating, is an important occasion. Whether you stick to the classics like dinner dates and bouquets of red roses, or try something unique like a skydiving adventure, putting in the effort to make this an anniversary to remember will definitely be appreciated.

A Getaway Trip

Give yourselves the chance to reconnect without outside distractions by packing up and heading out of town to celebrate your marriage milestone. Whether you head off to a nearby bed and breakfast or hop a flight to a dream destination, experiencing a change of atmosphere will help you two focus on celebrating. Find a last-minute hotel at a good rate on Kayak.com and get away from all the stresses of everyday life.

Learn a New Skill

Take a class together and learn a new skill for your anniversary celebration this year. Try to find something that will appeal to both of your interests. Perhaps it’s a painting class where you can perfect your brushstroke, or maybe it’s a cooking course that will make you both feel like Michelin-star chefs. Whatever it is, give it your all—you never know if you’ll discover a new favorite activity to take part in together.

A Rush to the Head

If you want to experience a real rush together, consider facing a fear and trying an experience you never thought you would! Cloud9living.com is an awesome website that provides all the adventure gift and date ideas a daredevil could need. The offerings differ depending on where you live and what’s available at the time of year, but pretty standard options include skydiving, racing a sports car, and even white water rafting. If you and your spouse are ready to get your blood pumping on this anniversary, peruse this website together and figure out an experience you both are willing to try. It’ll definitely be a different take on anniversary celebrations, and help the two of you brave something new.

Little Surprises

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate your anniversary on a budget, consider small, inexpensive surprises dispersed throughout the day to make sure your sweetheart feels loved every minute of every hour on your anniversary. There are heartfelt ways to make this a reality, even if you’re planning last-minute. Hide little love notes in their pants pocket and bag; that way, at work they keep finding hidden messages that are sure to make them smile. You can also slip in little treats that you know they’ll enjoy to make the day go by quicker. Whether it’s a pack of their favorite chips, some cookies you whip up the night before, or their favorite candy, you’d be amazed at the huge effect little gestures can have on someone’s day.

Date Night at Chez Toi

Instead of spending tons of money at a crowded restaurant, turn your home into your very own romantic dining spot. Set the dining table with a beautiful table cloth, go all out with candles and set the mood with a romantic playlist. Whip up your honey’s favorite foods in the kitchen, or order a delivery meal from your favorite takeout spot. Make sure you still take the time to get dressed up and look your best, even if you’re not leaving the house. You can also handle the entertainment for the night. Rent a movie you know they’ve been wanting to see, lay out a puzzle that the two of you can put together, or light a fire the two of you can sit and chat in front of until the wee hours of the morning. Kids and other life stresses tend to get in the way of quality one on one time, so use this as your chance to reconnect.

If your wedding anniversary is coming up, make sure you celebrate it in the way it deserves to be celebrated! Whether you decide to stay at home, go on a vacation, or try something you never imagined you would, you’re sure to have an amazing time celebrating with your honey as long as you put some heartfelt effort into the day. Marriage milestones are occasions to be revered, so do your best to make this anniversary stand out.


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