Kicking an addiction alone requires monumental willpower, but when an addict is locked in a dingy town with disheartening views, he or she feels like all the strength in the universe wouldn’t be enough to persevere in recovery. Conversely, when faced with the serenity of stunning scenery and a healthful environment, addicts have a better chance of getting and staying sober for good. If you or your loved one hopes to enter drug or alcohol treatment soon, here are the most beautiful places around the country to make the transition from addiction to sobriety that much easier.

1. California

California is filled with landscape after landscape of exceptional beauty. Picturesque ocean views, striking mountains, California rehab centersverdant vineyards, lush forests, and more — there is a terrain for everyone in this vast and diverse state. Though its perfect climate and exciting atmosphere make California make the state one of the most populated in the country, the remote locations of most of its best rehabs allow for peacefulness in recovery. Plus, perhaps it should come as no surprise that the state filled with glamorous Hollywood types has some of the nation’s most luxurious drug treatment centers. With posh recovery suites and stunning grounds looking out on the serene Pacific, California certainly has some unbeatable scenery to encourage sobriety.

2. Florida

When Spanish explorers first set foot on the North American continent, they were so astounded by the natural beauty that surrounded them that they named the land “Florida” for the abundance of native flowers. Today, Florida may be a developed state, but it retains every bit of that natural beauty discovered centuries ago. The Caribbean Sea creates warm beaches with crystal-blue water, and the Everglades present some of the most exciting biodiversity in the entire United States. Florida drug rehabs take full advantage of the climate and the environment to remedy and revitalize their patients’ addiction problems.

3. Arizona

Aside from boasting the nation’s only Natural Wonder of the World, Arizona has many natural benefits to aspiring ex-addicts. The desert is an under appreciated place of calm and tranquility, and the sparse vegetation and bright rock formations provide excellent views perfect for meditation. Additionally, Arizona’s year-round warmth permits activity no matter the month; many rehabilitation centers encourage patients to immerse themselves in the outdoors through their favorite sports like swimming, basketball, volleyball, and more. As an added bonus, the glory of the Grand Canyon is definitely best beheld in sobriety, for its jaw-dropping size and magnificence are enough inspire highs of their own.

Utah 4. Utah

Utah is one of the country’s top travel destinations, which means those seeking recovery will likely find their journey into sobriety like an extended vacation. Many of Utah’s biggest cities are just a stone’s throw away from huge mountain ranges, which allow for perfect views out of any window. Those nearby mountains are full of opportunity for recovering addicts; most rehab centers encourage physical activity like horseback riding, hiking, and skiing to replace a drug addiction with endorphins from exercise and natural splendor.

Away from the cities, Utah also has some of the Southwest’s most outstanding rock formations. Zion and Arches National Parks are stunning testaments to the artful power of nature. It seems that no matter where an addict finds treatment in Utah, they will be treated with excellent scenery.

5. Connecticut

Much of New England is known primarily for its dirty cities and small towns — but not Connecticut. This state stands a cut above the rest because of its devotion to clean and pristine beauty. Famous for luxury and elegance, Connecticut’s rehabilitation centers place strong emphasis on holistic wellness, which includes views of the ocean and forests that make the state a must-visit. Though the state is small, its history is large; recovering addicts can learn more about the role Connecticut played in the revolution or explore centuries-old cities for sensational architecture.

6. Colorado

Colorado is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places to live in America because of its population’s emphasis on health and progressive attitudes. The clean, crisp mountain air is enough to breathe wellness into any visitor, so addicts are most likely to find the state a haven for budding sobriety. The Rocky Mountains are ideal for winter sports of all kinds, and the dark rocks contrast wonderfully with the white snow, creating a feeling of fantasy. Perhaps it wouldn’t be surprising if many new graduates of Colorado rehabilitation programs settle down in the area to continue receiving the natural healing charm.


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