Take a second and think about the past few family vacations you’ve taken. More likely than not, they have been kid-heavy, like theme parks and historical sites, or mom-centric, like relaxing beaches and rejuvenating spas. Dads love going on vacation, but for some reason, they always take a back seat during the planning process.

Whether it is a celebration of Father’s Day or simply a long-overdue fulfilment of your dad’s travel wishes, your next family trip should feature your father, front and center. Here are a few excellent vacation ideas beloved by dads everywhere.


1. Road Trip

Comfortable in the driver’s seat, in charge of the radio and route, dads absolutely love road trips. Fathers often have precious little free time, so it seems counter-intuitive that they would want to waste their vacations speeding through the desolate countryside; however, all that time cooped up in the car is precisely what dads look forward to. Those hours in the car with family thwart the distractions available at home and allow everyone to grow closer through talking and laughing. Ultimately, the destination doesn’t matter during these vacations — the fun comes from the journey.

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2. Sailing Trip

For some families, boating is a regular recreation, and for others, a weekend on the water is an uncommon treat. In either situation, a sailing trip is sure to bring a smile to your dad’s face. In many ways, a few days on a boat is similar to a few hours on a road trip: The family can grow closer with more dedicated time together. Yet, boats generally allow for more varied activities as well. For example, families can go fishing, tow water skis or inner tubes, or explore the waterways (coasts, lakes, or rivers). Of course, not every boat is rated for such diverse activities, so before you start planning, you should get the right, cheap vessel for the trip.

3. Camping Trip

Even dads who have spent most of their lives in the city harbor dreams of surviving in the great outdoors. Something about the trees and the stars awakens a primal instinct in dads, who want to provide for their families in the most natural way. Like driving and sailing vacations, camping trips provide much-needed alone time for the family to learn and grow. Plus, camping is completely customizable, which means it is only as intense as you want it to be. Families who lack significant survival skills might consider investing in a motorhome or recreational vehicle to make the camping trip more relaxed and enjoyable.

4. Golf Trip

If your dad is one who sneaks out on Sundays, golf clubs in tow, he probably wouldn’t mind a vacation at any of the world’s best golf courses. Most cities that contain golf courses are excellent vacation spots otherwise, which means your dad can spend all week practicing his swing while the rest of the family enjoys other activities. Here are some excellent destinations for golf trips:

  • Arizona. Every season is golf season in sunny Phoenix, when the climate is always comfortable enough for 18 holes.
  • Scotland. There is no better place on Earth for golf than the country where the sport was invented.
  • Bermuda. This Caribbean island offers a higher density of golf than any other territory on the planet: seven courses in 21 square miles.
  • South Carolina. Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head offer coastal courses beloved to golf enthusiasts.

5. Heritage Trip

Genealogy research is a hobby for some dads, who will spend hours looking up immigration forms and searching for old-country heirlooms. If your dad is entering this phase of fatherhood, he is likely already considering a trip back to the homeland. A vacation in an ancestral country can be incredibly meaningful, especially if you locate addresses important to your forebears. Plus, a vacation in a foreign country is always exciting, no matter where you go.

6. Drinking Trip

At the end of a long day, your dad probably pops open a beer, uncorks a bottle of wine, or pours himself a generous glass of whiskey to unwind. You can show him how much you appreciate his hard work by planning a vacation around his rejuvenating drink of choice. There are dozens of destinations that are designed for drinking trips; here are a few domestic options:

  • Portland, Oregon for craft brewing
  • Napa Valley, California for winemaking
  • Louisville, Kentucky for bourbon
  • Upstate New York for winemaking
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin for macro brewing

This vacation is especially rewarding if most of the family is of legal drinking age, as it allows everyone to loosen up and enjoy the delicious tastes together.


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