Your friends are tying the knot, and you want to give them something special rather than one of those boring items everyone else seems to give newlyweds. Just because everyone else is giving blenders doesn’t mean you have to. Giving a more personal gift can make the special couple feel loved and strengthen your friendship. Here are seven unique wedding present ideas.

unique wedding gift ideas

Staycation vouchers

The couple might have already planned a romantic honeymoon, but you can bet that there will come a time when they just want to kick back in a nice hotel in your city and allow themselves to be pampered. Staycation vouchers will enable them to enjoy some quality time together in beautiful surroundings.

Picnic hamper

While other friends and relatives are giving the couple things they can use around the house like toasters and wine glasses, one-up them by giving something that’s not only practical but will also enable the lovebirds to spend many priceless moments together. A picnic hamper will enable them to spend many a sweet Sunday afternoon basking in the sun.

Collage of hens’ and bucks’ nights

The couple might look radiant on their wedding day, but in terms of fun, nothing beats those priceless expressions they displayed during their hens’ and bucks’ night parties—expressions that, if you’ve captured them on camera, you can arrange in a photo collage and then print out on canvas. That’s one picture on the wall that’s sure to draw a few smiles.

Caricature of the couple

Forget the glamorous wedding photo shoot. If the couple is one with a great sense of humor and more likely to be seen joking and teasing than staring soulfully into each other’s eyes, invite a talented artist to draw a caricature of them so they can display it in their home and have a good laugh at the same time.

Embroidered pillowcases

Sleep time is sacred, and there’s no better way to share a bed with the one you love than by resting your head on high thread-count pillowcases. Get the couple pillowcases embroidered with their initials for an extra touch of luxury.

DVD box set

A huge part of being a couple is getting cosy on the couch and popping in a DVD. If the couple is a fan of a particular TV series or movie trilogy, get them a special edition DVD box set so they can spend many a happy hour stuffing themselves silly with homemade popcorn.

Ice cream maker

If the couple has a gift registry, they’ll probably receive their fair share of practical items like plates, cups and chopping boards. Forget those. If they love whipping up surprises in the kitchen, give them an ice cream maker so they can go crazy concocting sweet treats and experimenting with flavours. If you’re lucky, they might even invite you over for a tub or two.

It can be difficult to think of wedding gift ideas, especially for the couple who seemingly have everything. Think outside of the box, bypass the clichés and select a gift that will put a smile on the couple’s faces and enrich their time together.

What unique wedding gift ideas do you like? Or maybe you have some of your own you’d like to share below in a comment?


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