The saying goes that a break is as good as a change, but what if you feel like you want to change your house, and moving to a new house is just not an option? You can begin to feel stunted by your four walls, however, there are options for you to rejuvenate what you have, fall back in love with your home, and all are within an inexpensive grasp.

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Move Your Furniture

Seeing your furniture in the same position day in day out can add to the negative feelings you have about your home. By moving furniture around, not only within the same room but around the house, you can instantly transform what you have: you could use the blanket box in your bedroom to store the children’s toys in the living room. The good news is that if you don’t like it, it has cost nothing to do and you can move it back!

Paint and Wallpaper

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To paint or wallpaper a whole room can be a costly affair, but once you have found a color or pattern that you love, it can be used as a wall feature. Wall features are dramatic high impact focal points to any room.


The addition of paintings and pictures to any wall adds drama and interest. They do not have to be masterpieces from a local gallery, but do have a look around local thrift stores for pre-loved paintings. You may not particularly like the picture, but you may find that the frame is worth using for a picture you do like.

Soft Furnishings

By changing your curtains or cushions, the feel of a room can be transformed instantly, and by using a color wheel, you can ensure that your choice of colors complements each other rather than clash. The only thing you need to make sure is that you love it: go with your gut and have fun with your decision.

Statement Furniture

If your room’s furniture feels a little outdated, choosing a piece of furniture that makes a statement can add the wow factor to your room. You need to ensure that your statement furniture is the focal point of the room; however, you may not have the confidence to display such a piece of furniture. If this is the case, choose secondary pieces such as accent tables, mirrors or night stands that can complement the larger pieces you already have to add a subtle wow factor.


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Lighting is perhaps the most ignored area for changing any room’s ambience. The addition of extra lamps and other accent lighting can turn a lounge into a snug retreat. By choosing to add a standard lamp, you may change your behavior as to what you use the area for: you now have a reading corner that previously was an unused space. Even changing light bulbs can alter the way you feel about a room: changing from a cool white light to a warm off-yellow can provide freshness and enhance your experience.


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