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9 Kid-Friendly Dining Room Ideas for Your Home

Dining room is an important part of every home and is used mainly for consuming food. It may be used infrequently, but is ideal for hosting large family dinners, get together, and kid’s functions. Different types of furniture and decorative accents help in transforming a simple dining area into an exciting and entertaining kid-friendly dining room.

1. Persian Rug Home Decor Ideas
Image via HomeDit

Persian rug in the image above is a great choice for a kid-friendly dining room. Generally, Persian rugs are filled with thick patterns at the edge and center to cover the mishaps of eating zone. The bright rug colors with Louis chairs are the home design key and add to the powerful impact of the entire room.

2. Using Different Shades of a Simple Color
Image via Flynnside Out Productions

Introduction of several shades of a simple color gives a well-layered look to a dining room. You can add upholstery, draperies, artwork and upholstery of different tones. Remember that only slight variation of a tone would keep the space from looking flat or too similar.

3. Addition of a Grey Pin Board
Image via Houzz

Addition of a floor-to-ceiling soft grey pin board makes pinning of children’s paintings and artwork right across the dining space an excellent idea for a kid-friendly dining room.

4. Neutral Dining Room
Image via HomeDit

This dining room has a neutral and basic color scheme with heavy details. The chair rails, ceiling, chandelier and light bulbs give a cozy effect to this large dining area. The addition of rug is helpful in softening a space visually that otherwise bears a hard look through solid room surface and edges excluding the dining chairs. The stylish rug pattern does not only standout, but is also concentrated enough to mask kid spills to make it a kid-friendly dining room.

5. Adding Art
Image via Sarah Dorio

Art in a dining room does not only create a focal point, but also encourages conversation among guests. Instead of mounting landscapes or other crafty art pieces, try adding children’s drawings mounted and framed on the wall across the dining area. Also, use a non-glare acrylic in place of a museum glass to make it a kid-friendly dining room.

6. Colorful Effects For a White Dining Room
Image via Homedit

The multicolored rug adds a colorful touch to light up the otherwise long and angular neutral-white space. The rug is specifically positioned at an angle to create an optimized window view for the guests. Use of different colors and patterns on the rug makes for an excellent kid-friendly dining room idea.

7. Using Mirrors
Image via Flynnside Out Productions

Mirrors are perfect to make a small dining room look large and bright. A large hanging mirror right across the windows or above the sideboard lights up the area creating an illusion of more space!

8. Get All Creative With Arts and Crafts
Image via Houzz

Lofts do not have enough space to hold household items. Dining Room in a loft is often a good choice to sneak in some space for the supplies. Consider tucking the items in a cabinet or sideboard in a creative and artistic way to store them without compromising on the appearance of the dining room. Hanging paintings or a blackboard for kid’s play will turn it into a kid-friendly dining room.

9. Adding Classic Lines
Image via Flynnside Out Productions

Focusing on both aesthetic and comfort is important when selecting dining chairs. Instead of choosing wood and metal, select upholstered Louis XVI chair – renowned for timeless style – with fluted legs and square back to make for a modern and traditional setting. Cotton and Linen upholstery is a good option for a bedroom space with hyper kids, whereas vinyl and leather styles are amongst the easiest to clean for a kid-friendly dining room.

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