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Academic writing is one of the major areas where children need to excel, to improve their English grades. Both oral and written assignments given to kids can be made more creative so that students find them interesting.

Creative writing can enhance the thinking skills of people of all age groups. There are certain topics that help people draw a picture of things that they have not experienced yet.

academic writing

Through these types of topics, people can start stretching the set boundaries and limitations of their brain. The aim of a creative topic is to build a story. The story can be of a life or a fictitious character. It helps students to create their own path as there are no restrictions where the story will end. The way of writing also matters when it comes to academic writing. A person with good vocabulary can make the same content sound more interesting.

We have listed some of the topics that are very creative and will boost a personal imagination.

1)  What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up and Why?

This is one of the most common yet creative topics that can help the people to think in various directions. Some people would like to become Doctor or Engineer as they believe in serving others, others would like to become Artists or Painters. There will be a large pool which will still be confused.

2)  If You Could Be Invisible What Would You Do and Why?

This is another question that can help people to think to an extremely different level. This will help them visualize the things that they cannot do in life. This essay will address some of the weirdest dreams that people have. People, especially children can visualize similar movie characters and place themselves in place of them.

3)  What Is Your Favorite Day of the Week and Why?

The most famous answer will be Sunday or any other weekend as it is the time when children have no school or college. There can be other interesting days which children can come up with as they explore their routine. Writing about the day of the week will help you analyze your time and efforts that you put in the most productive things.

4)  What Do You Think of Bullies and Why?

This is another important topic that worries people of young age. As people are afraid of getting bullied by bad guys, they create a perception of what’s right and what’s wrong at an early stage of their lives. It creates negative illusion and hence demotivates a person.

5)  If You Were a King/Queen What Would You Do and Why?

Writing on this topic helps children to explore a leadership aspect of themselves. They imagine themselves to be a king or queen who was the richest and decision making people of old times. This would help children to hit those corners of the brain that have not been explored yet.

6)  Create a Scenario that Leads to the World to An End

Creating imaginary scenarios that lead to destruction can be very challenging for people of young age as they have not explored the aspect of nature that everything will come to an end and men are mortal. However, these scenarios can be interesting and will help you explore your dark side.

7)  Why Are Pets Better Than People?

This can be another crazy topic that can project you to be a lonely person yet it can be interesting to make such a wide comparison. This comparison can most effectively increase your love for either your pets or people around you. Writing about a positive moment with your pet can make you happier and fulfilling.

8)  Where Do You See the World a Hundred Years From Now?

This is another important thought that can keep you thinking for hours. As nobody knows the future, we can only predict what is going to happen in the next 100 years. These predictions can range from science or technology to human evolution.

9)  What Would You Do If You Won a Million Dollars?

Everybody wants to be a millionaire but they don’t know why they want to become one. So, this piece of creative academic writing can help you find reasonable answers as to why do you want to be a millionaire. This can help you set up meaningful goals in life.

10)  Write About Something You Are Very Good At?

This piece of academic writing will help you find your true passions and the natural talent which you need to take up as a profession to the next level. After answering this you can feel more confident about yourself.

11)  Write About the Time You Make a Huge Mistake and How You Fixed It?

You will be forced to think about your past events. They will flash in front of your
Brain and by doing that you will think about the ways you got out of those difficult
Times in your life.

12)  What Is the Bravest Thing You Have Ever Done In Your Life?

By answering this you will feel more positive about the bravest things you have done in the past. The thoughts thus generated can have a positive impact on your mind and will help you think more positively in life. This positivity will reflect in everything you do in life.

13)  Write About Things That Are Hard For You and Why?

We all find some things easy and other difficult because our brain is wired to perform certain tasks naturally while some of the other tasks like solving mathematical problems can be tough. We all have excuses for the things that we find tough. An essay on the above topic can help you explore your personality.

Creativity has no limits. The best thing about a creative piece is that you can write whatever that comes to your mind if it relates to the topic of your writing. More you write such essays more creativity will reflect in your writing. As they say, practice makes perfect, similar is the case with creative writing paper as well.



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