Is your space tired and worn? Searching for a new look but don’t have the confidence to find your own style? One of the rules of thumb for redecorating a new space is to have it reflect you and your tastes. No two people are alike, and no two spaces are alike for a reason. Stop flipping through magazines and feeling intimidated by professionally decorated and styled rooms. Unless you have an unlimited budget and the benefit of a decorator, trust yourself and your abilities to transform your space on your own budget.

Follow these tried and true secrets for success. The time is right!

One of the steps to take that will have the biggest impact is to paint the space a neutral color. The focus in a room should be on the furnishing and decor that reflect your taste, not a blast of color from which you’ll tire quickly and will most likely overshadow your true style. One of the ways to be bold with color is to spread small pops of color throughout. This can be through the use of fun pillows, vases or carpets, all of which can be found at Belk.

While neutral walls and a solid color sofa might seem boring at first, consider these to be your pallet or basis from which to add your personal style.

Finally, less is more. Yes, editing is so important. The eye and mind can only take in so much at one time. A busy, cluttered space won’t set the mood for relaxation and tranquility. We need each of these in our daily lives. Take the pieces you truly love, display them, and store the rest. Feel free to swap them out from time to time to freshen the look, but don’t attempt to place everything you own on display. Enjoy your your space and realise that like yourself, it’s always a work in progress that will continue to evolve with your life experiences and needs.


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