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Add beauty to any décor with indoor plants

Using indoor plants as home or business décor can be affordable, and they have the added benefit of creating a healthy environment. The wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes of houseplants can brighten up any interior space. Plants add a touch of nature to any urban setting, and they help bring the outdoors inside in country homes. They improve the overall wellness of any space by increasing the oxygen levels and cleansing the air of toxins. Studies are even being done on the effect houseplants have when it comes to lowering blood pressure, preventing colds, and relieving stress.

Types of Houseplants

There are numerous options when it comes to selecting the type of plant to use in home or business décor. These plants can add to a room’s style just as much as the fabrics and furniture being used will. One can find many inexpensive houseplants at their neighborhood garden center.

Businesses often find that using an indoor plant service such as Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire allows them to benefit from living décor without the hassles of caring for it. Another alternative is to find plants that are easily cared for. When it comes to ease, check out this indoor plant: the Prickly Pear Cactus. It needs very little water but plenty of sunshine. Once placed in a window, one can forget about it for quite some time.

Group Plantings

One can create a dramatic statement by grouping plants together that have similar needs. A series of identical plants in matching containers provides a room with movement. The Rubber Plant works well for this as it is easy to grow. It can survive just about any conditions, and it can be pruned into a tall elegant shape or left thick and bushy.

Plants can also be grouped together in one big planter. Groupings should create visual interest by taking advantage of various sizes and textures when put in one container. Tall ornamental grasses can be in the center, surrounded by shorter plants in graduating heights.

Selecting Containers

One should make sure the containers work harmoniously with the room’s décor. As much thought should go into selecting the pot as does the plant. Style and size should dictate which planter to use. Urban and contemporary looks can handle metal or concrete pots while rustic styles need ceramic or terracotta containers.

Once the ideal plants and containers are selected, one will have a nicely decorated space that promotes health as well as beauty. This affordable touch in home décor will make everyone feel relaxed while providing a bit of nature to the indoors.

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