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Decorating for your little one doesn’t mean you have to lose any points for style. It can be fun and exciting, even if your infant isn’t a natural-born art critic. They may not comment on your work, but they will feel your work. What’s more, nurseries are incredible places to get creative. After all, this room is a magical environment for your little one. Cartoons, colors, textures, toys, and figurines are only a few things that fit right into a nursery. Whether you want to paint a wall, design your own furniture, pick out fabulous toys or fill the walls with cute photos, the options are endless. Here are some fabulous decorating ideas to inspire you:

Pastels, Pastels, Pastels!

When it comes to colors, it’s back to basics with pastels. These simple hues are the foundation stones for almost every successful nursery design. Pastels are soft colors and they go great with everything a nursery needs: cribs, toys, rugs, blinds, etc. They can be anything from soft orange colors, yellow, pink, pea-green, sky-blue. Some particularly popular colors from the pastel range are Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, and Fiesta, according to the Pantone guide.

Nursery Wallpaper Patterns

After you decided on the background color for your nursery, either a pastel or a simple black and white scheme, it’s time to design the wallpaper. Here, you can go for a geometric pattern wallpaper, which, quite frankly, never goes out of fashion. Lines, circles, triangles, rectangles or even more intricate patterns can go amazingly well with a set of simple furniture items. Geometric patterns can also extend to the rugs, pillows, or blinds. Keep in mind that to go easy with the number of geometric patterns you combine; if you choose too many, you’ll end up having a chaotic, jumbled environment for your child. Other patterns for the wallpaper to go for are various drawings, playful scenes, colorful splashes, and nature inspired themes. Whatever you choose, don’t go overboard with this step, as there are a lot of other items that you’ll have to add to your nursery.

Early Artistic Encouragement

Art can be a fantastic addition to any nursery. You’ll need to just pick the right items, so make sure they won’t be too intrusive. Many designers point out that abstract art works best in this environment – the colors and shapes are simple, it doesn’t fall out of fashion and your children will never outgrow them. Alphabet-themed artwork is also amazingly lovely; for instance, over-sized letters of different colors and fonts are great additions on walls, and you’ll love how they look and your little one will love to explore them. Other exciting artwork ideas for your nursery include vintage figurines or sculptures, hand-made rugs, cups, or mugs. Just make sure that every art work you choose for your nursery is safe both for you and the child. For instance, you should avoid particularly small items which can be swallowed or fragile items.

Nursery Furniture Essentials

Choosing the right furniture for a nursery can be daunting for many new parents, but there are a few basics that everyone will need: a good crib, a sturdy changing table, a breastfeeding chair, and plenty of shelves for storage. The mattress is similarly important — that’s why the Wovenaire mattress was designed around the idea of comfort, support, and unparalleled breathability. Next, you’ll need to find a style that you love, and there are a lot of different designs to choose from. Vintage, minimalist, neutral, eclectic, floral, or colorful – are some of the most popular ideas for a nursery, but take a look at some of our favorite nursery themes!

Popular Themed Nurseries

Many modern-day nurseries have an overall theme that come together to create a wonderful atmosphere. Special themes for a nursery include:

Cartoon characters: life-sized stencils and paintings, toys, cartoon-inspired rugs and blinds.

Solar system theme: a planetary wall with star-inspired blinds and rugs, wall-decals, minimalist blueish colors.

Floral theme: floral pattern wallpaper, light wood furniture items, floral-inspired rug, contrasting furniture items.

Chalkboard nursery: having a chalkboard installed is an exciting way to challenge your little one’s creativity. A black or green chalkboard goes well with a minimalist design, geometric rugs, light-wood furniture items and small colorful figurines and toys, but whiteboards are also available for a more modernized approach to one of our favorite themes!

White, natural wood nursery: the neutral nursery is always popular among many parents; simple light wood furniture together with simple white walls, blinds, and a puffy white rug go amazingly well together. Add in a few grayish or wood items to spice up the room and you’ll have a fabulously relaxing nursery.

Black and white theme: black patterns and items look wonderful on white backgrounds; stripes, dots, triangles, letters, drawings and stars create a playful, but elegant nursery for your little one to explore.

Whatever style or theme you choose for your nursery, keep in mind that there’s no way to go wrong. There are thousands of ideas to choose from: unique items, special colors, and drawings can all be combined to create the wonderfully inspiring environment for your little one to explore and grow into!


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