Summer is perhaps the most active time of the year. People are sunbathing, swimming, doing more sports, drinking lemonades, traveling, walking, dating and enjoying the pleasant weather. There are several applications that will help you to have a great summer vacation.

Nike + Run

Nike + Run app

Summer has plenty of advantages! One of them is the opportunity to be engaged in outdoor activities. The simplest thing you can do with yourself is running. You probably have sneakers, T-shirt, and shorts also. You can get a training program from Nike + Run. You will only need to fill in the fields with personal data and follow the instructions. The application describes the distance and type of training, including running, walking and physical activity of your choice (yoga, bicycle, swimming). There are days of rest, fortunately.


health app

Sometimes we forget that our gadgets are already equipped with useful features. For example, do you often click on the icon Health on the iPhone? This application counts the number of your steps per a day. Set yourself a minimum recommended number of steps and check the counter daily, in the middle and the end of the day. This app is especially useful for office workers. If you daily go a kilometer or two on average and do not engage in any sport, then it’s probably worth thinking about how to increase your physical activity. Of course, many people understand that (without any applications), but the figures are more persuasive in any case.

Ultraviolet – UV Index

Ultraviolet – UV Index app

Having determined your geolocation, this application will show the level of UV radiation in a fixed area and, depending on the indicators, will give recommendations like “put on glasses”, “use sunscreen with SPF 30+”, etc. Snow Whites and people with sensitive skin are especially advised to download this crib sheet.

Lancaster Sun Timmer

Lancaster Sun Timmer app

Continuing the theme of the sun, it’s highly recommended to download the Lancaster Sun Timmer app. The application will ask for personal information (age, gender, skin type) and the SPF factor of your sunscreen. Based on the input data and the level of UV radiation at the current moment, the application will give you recommendations. Turn on the timer and listen to the instructions. The call will remind you that you should re-apply a sunscreen or advice to finish the sunbathing.

Filibaba Smoothies

Filibaba Smoothies app

It is a cool application with a funny name for smoothie drinkers. There are 30 recipes with detailed description: in addition to the main ingredients and the preparation process, in the card of each smoothie, you will find a complete table of nutritional values (calories, vitamins, and everything that is attached). And if 30 recipes are not enough for you, then you can download 100+ Smoothie Recipes. In the search bar, you can specify your main ingredient (banana, apple or whatever you have), and the app will pick up a suitable recipe for you.


Triposo app

A whole pool of different applications is already available for the travel. Starting with help in packing the suitcase and finishing with smart guides. One of them is Triposo. There are guides, maps, transportation, food, information about museums (description, opening hours, ticket price, current exhibitions). A huge base of cities and the ability to view downloaded information without the Internet connection. The app will advise you where to go, based on time, weather and your location.

Now you know about main important apps to spend a perfect summer. And in order to spend the summer with pleasure, you should think about a perfect company. You can visit MeetWife and prepare for the best summer in your life.

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