I’m a huge Marvel the Avengers fan, well actually, the entire family is. My husband and I enjoyed the movie so much we saw it more than once. Now that the Exclusive Blu-Ray/DVD/Novel Combo Pack arrives at Wal-Marts nationwide on September 25th I thought it was time for a Avengers themed family fun night. We all have our favorite characters, mine believe it or not is Loki. I tend to root for the bad guys, makes things a little more interesting. My brother loves Captain America, and my 5-year old’s favorite is The Hulk. I arrived at Wal-Mart with my brother and saw some incredible Avengers signage in the toys department. I downloaded the free Avengers Augmented Reality App to my iPhone and started playing. Good thing I left the kids at home. This isn’t the type of game my 13 month old would enjoy very much #MarvelAvengersWMTAfter seeing the cool signage in the toys I headed for other departments, Avengers family fun night with Walmart was in full-effect.

Unfortunately, my Wal-Mart didn’t have many Avengers App trigger points. I figured I would visit another Wal-Mart the next day, so I was heading for the check out lanes, but something caught my eye. The MarketSide Pizza boxes had Avengers characters on them. Upon further investigation I noticed another trigger point. I picked up a few boxes for our family fun night. Even the pizza boxes are trigger points for the Avengers Augmented Reality App game.

The very next day I visited another local Wal-Mart and I was pleased to see so many Avengers themed party supplies. I bought a little of everything they had to offer. I knew my 5-year old would really have a good time if we had matching cups, napkins, and temporary tattoos. I was a little disappointed though, I couldn’t find any Avengers apparel.

We baked off a few MarketSide pizzas and wore our funny masks. Jasmine decided to put a Captain America mask on me, pizza tastes better when you’re in disguise.

After we ate our pizza we dug into the cookies Jasmine and I baked. Before the kids had their baths we helped Jasmine put together her new Legos, and there was plenty of drumming too. I think we all ended up wearing each one of the Avenger’s masks, there were plenty to choose from. The huge Hulk smash hands were a big hit, no pun intended.

Big Sean had a little too much fun channeling his inner Hulk. Jasmine wasn’t very fond of the Hulk mask at first, in fact, she was down right afraid of it. She cried her little heart out the first time she saw me wearing it. After a while Jasmine wanted to put it on herself and before we knew it she wasn’t afraid any longer.

WeWith the Avengers Augmented Reality App I can scan either the MarketSide Pizza boxes or the DVD (once it’s released) and look what happens! My pizza box turned into a 3-D real-life New York City with Stark Tower in it and all the Avengers placed in various places. Each of us also took the Which Avengers Are You ? quiz. I’m Thor, my husband is Iron Man, and my brother is The Hulk.

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Who’s your favorite Avenger?

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