Image by Bride and Groom via Flickr
Image by Bride and Groom via Flickr
Planning a wedding is akin to navigating a minefield over wilderness of razorblades — it’s no easy task avoiding industry lemons and second-tier customer service. Here’s how to avoid falling victim to poor customer service on your wedding day.

As one of the single-most important days of your adult life, your wedding day will go down in your own personal history as one of the most momentous events you’ve planned, experienced and been the focal point of.

There is no doubt in any wedding planner’s mind that the food service at your wedding will likely be the largest expenditure you will pay out for your wedding day as a whole.

In order to ensure that your big day goes down as a monumental success – instead of a monumental failure, we’ve assembled this list of suggested questions to ask your food service team, from caterers to event planning, hosts, and support.

Wedding Fact File: Here are our best considerations on how to avoid customer service disasters on your wedding day.

From Special Day, to Specialty Foods

Weddings generally have a cultural or ethnic twist to them, whether it’s a fusion of cultures as both bride and groom come from a different heritage, or the whole occasion is marked with overtones of one culture exclusively; it is important to consider the specialization of your wedding caterer prospects.

Does your prospective caterer specialize in a specific type of food or service? In which case, are they prepared to offer up a sample menu for you to review? This is likely the most important area to explore when it comes to finding the caterer of your nuptial dreams – finding hospitality and/or catering service that can make each meal a memorable one.

In addition to this, will your prospective caterer be happy to provide food tasting before they are hired? This is a great way to feel them out and discover whether your tastes and personalities line up for wedding reception perfection.

Money Talks

Wedding budget aside,when you are preparing your wedding venues Brisbane or elsewhere it is important to consider the average price range of your prospective caterer.

Ensure that they can provide sample case studies with itemized bills from different weddings that may share some parallels with that of your own.

And of course, be sure to ask what their service entails. Will your caterer be simply providing food and hospitality services, or will they also be able to work with you in terms of table linens, cutlery, and other tabletop items your wedding reception will require.

Lastly, does their pricing include gratuity? This is a big one, as in my experience many newly wedded couples will find it a rude awakening that there is an additional relative cost lurking near the bottom of their invoice. I’ve seen honeymoons decimated by unexpected additional wedding reception costs, so be sure to ask!

Spreading Thin

Another great line of questioning involves how busy your hospitality providers will be during the weekend of, or days leading up to your special day.

Do they have multiple weddings the same day? Same weekend? Will they book more work if they don’t have another event booked when you ask?

How involved will your caterer be in your wedding reception? Will they be able to handle setting dining room tables with table settings or will you require someone else to do it?

How many waiting staff will your caterer sign up for the task – this is also a big consideration, and it is important to get in writing the number of staff members dispatched to your wedding reception, and what is included in their roles.

That about sums up this list. Stay tuned for more in the future and please let us know what you think in the comments.

The number of considerations for your wedding reception is limitless, and we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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