If you’re like a lot of young mums, there’s a good chance that you don’t have much time to enjoy an invigorating workout. It probably seemed a whole lot easier to stay in shape before you welcomed your little one to the world. Does this mean you’re stuck with post-baby weight forever? Of course not. If you follow a few simple tips, you can regain your figure and boost your energy even if you spend all day at home with your kids.

Short and Sweet

If you think you’ve got to wait until you can devote a full hour or more to a healthy workout, please think again. Even a five-minute stretch can go a long way toward increasing your flexibility and serenity. Better yet, take that same five minutes and enjoy a super short workout. Touch your toes, jog in place or put on your favorite music and dance. How you move is not as important as the fact that you do move. Exercising for as few as five minutes will get your blood pumping and brighten your mood, say fitness experts at Parents magazine. If your baby wants to be part of the action, by all means, scoop them up into your loving arms and dance them around the room. Lay on your back and hoist your toddler toward the ceiling on your shins.

Early Bird Special

If you want to make sure that you have time to exercise, wake up half an hour before the kids and do your workout then. Mums of school-age kids may find it simpler to save their morning workout until the kids have hopped on the bus. Either way, take at least thirty morning minutes to jump around and treat your body right. An early morning exercise session is a great way to start the day, says MindBodyGreen.

Get In Shape Without Spending a Fortune On a Gym Membership

If you’ve got the room to install a home gym, do it. Having a well-equipped workout space ups your odds of making fitness a priority in your busy day. In fact, go ahead and work out after the kids have gone to bed if you like. What do you wish to focus on –weight loss, building muscle, toning your body or all-over fitness? Visit HomeGymr.com to explore a variety of home gym options that are sure to inspire.

If professional grade gym equipment is beyond your budget, feel free to jazz up your household chores and vacuum, wash dishes and polish silverware to a lively beat. Put on a pair of lightweight headphones, crank the tunes and let the music move your feet and the rest of your body, too.

Getting back into shape after the birth of a baby is an age old female challenge. Add a few minutes of dedicated workout time to your day, and you’re bound to have some semblance of your pre-mommy body back in no time flat.

Amelie Grant made the excuse of ‘being too busy’ to avoid exercise. But with her weight creeping up and a warning from her doctor she knew she needed to stop with the excuses and get on with it! She now shares her exercise tips with other busy women who don’t have the time!

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