Hermes Paris watchWe wear watches for many different reasons including style, nostalgia and sentiment or to simply to tell the time with, with a single glance at our wrist. Watches are a huge part of our lives, silently ticking away and providing us with a lifetime of humble service.

Women are particularly fond of their watches and they tend to prefer a simpler design reminiscent of jewellery, rather than a bulky, high-tech option. According to the Business Insider, mechanical watches have held onto their immense popularity through the digital age because of their ‘craftsmanship and superior quality’.

If you are looking to buy a watch as a gift for a special lady in your life, or if that special lady happens to be yourself, take some time out of your schedule and discover your perfect simple but stunning watch right here:

1. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington watches, such as those found on Tic Watches, are designed to provide a ‘preppy dressed’ style that boasts classic authenticity and elegance of the classic watch. Ladies will especially adore this brand, the products are incredibly stylish with a type of minimalist design that makes it ideal for someone who wants a beautiful and elegant watch, without all the fuss.

The Daniel Wellington watches feature multiple strap designs and materials such as the stunning 0605DW Classic Nato Southampton Ladies Nylon Watch that comes in a range of coloured straps, each one being incredibly fashionable and ultra-slim complete with Japanese quartz movement and 3ATM water resistance.

2. Bering Watches

These breath-taking watches are as elegant as the lady who will be wearing them! The inspiration derived from a chilly but overwhelming conquest to the northerly point of the world where the creator of Bering Watches took the exquisite beauty of the Arctic landscape before him and developed this watch brand.

Bering watches come in a range of styles but the rose gold version is particularly stunning and acts as the perfect addition to any style this season.

3. Swatch Watches

Swatch Watches are incredibly simple, yet glamourous. They are an affordable brand that has turned the watch world upside down. With a simple flick of the wrist, you can tell the time without having to give your watch an annoyed second glance due to its cluttered appearance.

Swatch Watches are perfect for busy ladies who just need to get the job done and done right. According to the Independent, ‘Swatch has for many years been successfully outfitting its customers in budget-friendly yet stylish designs’, making the branded styles a perfect gift for any woman.

4. Komono

Komono’s ladies watches are ideal for any time of the year. There is a range of variations and styles on offer with some of the most intricately fascinating strap designs on the market. The Komono is for the trend setters out there who want to inspire others, instead of simply following other people’s footpaths. The Wizard series is particularly impressive and will add a touch of feminine originality into your wardrobe this fall.

5. Armani

Armani watches have remained popular for many decades and if you are struggling to find the perfect watch for a female friend or loved one, you can’t go wrong with a classic Armani.

A great choice for ladies is the Emporio Armani White Women’s Chronograph Watch, which contains gorgeous rose gold bezel with beautiful Swarovski diamonds. A white ceramic strap completes the minimalist appeal of this watch which proves to be an elegant yet simple ladies wrist watch.


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    Beautiful watches.. I would like more info on them and pricing.
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    Interesting post here Tiffany!Thank you for sharing! I found some womens watches online so decided to share this with you. The site called Momentum Watch. Super stylish and fit to any occasions. Worth to check!

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