You may be hearing of a new trend: balance bikes in Australia. If so, you are also probably wondering if they are really a benefit. The short answer is…yes!

Balance bikes are small and easy for children to adapt to the new skill of bike riding. They are a superior alternative to training wheels for the early riders in your family.

The best balance bikes in Australia allow children to focus on a single skill, balance. The design helps kids use their arms to steer and lift their legs to propel themselves. Stopping is easier because they will just use their feet. This all helps develop and encourage coordination and agility.

The seat of a balance bike is low to the ground. That means if there are any spills, there is less distance to worry about and the child probably won’t care about it after the first tumble. Because they can only zoom as fast as their little legs will go, you won’t need to worry about high-speed mishaps.

Lightweight and Compact

Because they are lightweight and compact, it makes it easier for parents to deal with. They are small enough to fit in the back seat of a car and light enough for the adult to carry home if your child is done before you return.

Because they are more stable, they can be used on uneven surfaces. So, the kids get to play in the back yard instead of the street, or they are perfect for the park.

They come in lots of different color combinations, so you will easily be able to spot your child as they maneuver around the park or neighborhood.

They are just plain fun. It will get your kids away from the endless videos and out into the fresh air and learn the pleasure of exercise. It means they have a way of joining in a family bike ride. It also establishes a pattern of healthy physical workouts that can last a lifetime

It Makes the Transition Easier

One of the best factors is that it makes transitioning to a pedal bike so much easier. There will be no need for training wheels since your kiddo already can balance. Let’s face it, training wheels can actually cause more drama than necessary, and a balance bike means you won’t need to go through that process.

Because even toddlers as young as 18 months can master a balance bike, you are helping them build strength and coordination, two major skills for improving both gross and fine motor skills. It develops legs and feet as well as the core muscles. This will pay off as the child matures and wants to try other sports or physical activities like dancing. Most of all it builds confidence in their abilities and encourages independence.

All of this boils down to a safe and easy way to help your child find the excitement of riding and bypassing tricycles and training wheels. It will also let your son or daughter interact with children in the neighborhood who also have balance bikes and create their own games.


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