A lot goes into designing the perfect interior space, especially since every space is unique. After all, how you design your living room will be very different than how you design your child’s room!

No matter what design elements you choose, one thing can be found in every single room in your home—blinds. That’s because blinds offer many different benefits that can include:

Just because you can enjoy these benefits in every room doesn’t mean every room needs the same kind of blinds! Here are some tips on the types of blinds that are just right for every room in your home.

The Living Room

living roomImage Source: Pixabay

The living room is the one room in your home where you have the most flexibility. Nearly any kind of blind can look great in a space that’s shared by the entire family.

Choose from:

  • Shades: Choose from honeycomb, roller, Roman shades, and more
  • Blinds: Wood blinds add a luxury feel while vinyl blinds are more economical
  • Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds are perfect for sliding glass doors
  • Shutters: Make a statement in your living room with functional interior shutters
  • Drapery: Hang drapes that complement the furniture in your living room for a more polished look

The Bedroom

bedroomImage Source: Pixabay

It’s important to create a welcoming, relaxing bedroom space for everyone in your family. That’s because a well-designed bedroom can actually encourage sleep, and who couldn’t use a little more shuteye!

One of the best ways to create an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep is to hang blackout blinds and/or curtains. They can keep the sunlight from disturbing you before it’s time to get up for work. They can also ensure the baby sleeps more soundly during his nap.

The Dining Room

dinning roomImage Source: Pixabay

Dedicated dining rooms often have a more formal feel compared to other rooms in the home. To get that regal look, hang opaque drapery panels over Venetian or wood blinds.

If you’re looking for a lighter, more relaxed feel in your dining room, keep things simple with honeycomb shades. Sheer shades are perfect if you and the family regularly gather for breakfast and lunch, since they let in plenty of sunlight.

The Bathroom

bathroomImage Source: Pexels

When it comes to the bathroom, it’s all about privacy. That means privacy from others in the house, as well as privacy from anyone who might be walking by.

Solid shades are the best way to go, since when they’re drawn, no one can tell if anyone is in the bathroom or not. Interior shutters are also a good idea because they can be hung on the bottom portion of the window, exposing the top so plenty of sunlight can still shine into the space.

Blinds are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be! Choosing the right blinds for every room in your home can provide you with the perfect finishing touches to your interior décor while providing a little privacy at the same time.


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